My Steampunk Project Has Begun and What’s in a Name?

The writing begins…

Welcome to my first blog on this creative journey. I’m a multi-media artist; a creative entity and a force to be reckoned with. The cogs in my mind run 24/7 and I sprout ideas like lilies in the spring. Right now I am in creative cycle so strong I churn out something new every day now.

I write, sing, draw, sculpt, paint, dance and more. I practice/teach yoga (in the Iyengar style), have played instruments, written lyrics, rapped in French, earned a black belt in karate and I’m a trained weather spotter for the National Weather Service. I do some crazy workouts: I’m into hooping, the aforementioned yoga, Insanity (yes the crazy Beachbody exercise on crack workout), kickboxing, step, funk/hip hop and Zumba/Latin flava. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday; the opportunity to dress up and be someone else for a while is delightful.

I am a continual student. I’ve got a bucket list a mile long and I intend to live it out until my very last breath. I have a day job and my regular “thing” which is a totally different artistic vein; one that I am very good at and I enjoy immensely. But as always, I need to grow and I’ve found an outlet, a theme if you will, where I believe it will all come together.

I’ve wrapped a lot into this Steampunk Project because it inspires me. What is Steampunk? It is very loosely defined as the Industrial/Queen Victorian era with a lot of science fiction and fantasy. But Google it and see what you get. There is a lot of cool things and people out there. As I described some of the writing and my lead female character development to a relative, she came up with a response that made me laugh, “like a dirty Mary Poppins”. Indeed.

Everything will tie together in individual projects of which I will update with pics, writing, and blogging through my Facebook page, The Countess; I’d love it if you’d please “Like” my page. I am lining up a group of collaborators to create some beautiful works and maybe a little mayhem along the way. I hope to culminate it at some large event that I can truly share it with everyone because I have always believed that art should be shared and gifts should not be wasted.

I’ve already fashioned the first costume which started this whole adventure, have the complete outline of a Steampunk/Victoriana trilogy mapped out with some chapters written, and have several artworks in process. My living room is starting to look interesting if not somewhat messy. And my first outside adventure is tomorrow evening. I’ll be sure to share it with you.

So why the Countess you might ask? It’s in the genes, literally. My aunts are digging into this a bit more and I’ll certainly blog about it in detail later as details develop. The lore goes that one of my great, great (?) grandmothers was a Polish Countess and the castle she lived in is still well and open.  This abbreviated tale here is certainly an adventure in itself. She married the Count and had a couple children. She left the Count and Poland (with the family jewels no less) for America and opened a bar in Chicago. What is murky here is further muddled after that. So the geneology research will continue. Fascinating, eh? A lot of Steampunk fans, creators and purveyors of a yesterday that never happened take a new moniker. I thought this would be a good one, The Countess. A little smart, a little blue blood and a little mysterious; a great way to start.

Release the hounds, adventures abound and fantasy to join me?

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