I’d Sworn I’d Never Write About Vampires or a Pleasant Distraction

I’d sworn I’d never write about vampires. Really, I thought they were overdone. I’m not a Twihard but I’m not a Twihater either. I liked Interview with the Vampire; I even liked the movie. I haven’t read the Anita Blake series by Laurrell K. Hamilton, but I think that I should. I hear it’s a good series.

So imagine my surprise when a vampire story swirled around my head as I was working on my Steampunk novels this past winter. This single vamp became a pleasant distraction as I wrote the third draft of “Strax and the Widow” (soon to be self-published on Amazon). I didn’t want to write a whole book about this vampire, at least not all at once. I had plenty of sci-fi/fantasy inspiration, but I wanted the character to be sophisticated, a bit more unique, and most of all, very human despite being undead.

Will, my handsome vampire, has been around the block and more than just a time or two. He’s lived for hundreds of years and has a cache of conquests that fill his “little black book”. His memories and trinkets provide the storyline of “The Vampire’s Little Black Book” series.

But despite his escapades, Will isn’t cavalier or jaded; well he hasn’t been for a while anyway. He’s been burned, yet he’s also been the fire starter (in between the sheets too). Ultimately, he’s alone and doesn’t want to be. He’s found and lost a real love which has fueled the hunger to find it again. Through time he has passed are millions of women. Will he ever find “the one”?

Get to know Will; he might be interested in knowing you too. “The Vampire’s Little Black Book” series is on Amazon/Kindle.
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