Random Thoughts on Turning 45 and the Day of the Dead

“When you’re lost outside, look inside to your soul.”-The Voice Within, Christina Aguilera, Lyrics by Glenn Ballard

Day of the Dead Indeed

Day of the Dead Indeed

About a week ago as I prepped this blog, I pulled out Christina Aguilera’s “Stripped” CD. Yes, the CD, so I can listen in my car, which like the CD, is also over ten years old. I like the messages that run through the whole album: strength, independence, faith, and confidence.

This blog is a bit more self-indulgent and revealing because today (October 5th) is my birthday, but the next few will return to my journeys and experiences that will transfer to my works. And yes, Will the vampire will have a new episode in time for Halloween.

As I feel a bit reflective, and am recovering from a terrible bout of laryngitis, enjoy my random thoughts on turning and being forty-five.  Because I can’t express myself verbally, I’ve also enclosed some recent new work, Day of the Dead make up and hat creation.

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The Random Thoughts:

I like myself much more than I did in my 20’s. Yep, despite some fat, scars, and injuries, I’m a far better person now than I was then. I took the picture at the bottom of this entry a couple of months ago, sans makeup. Not too shabby eh?  How do I look with makeup? A LOT of makeup? See more on the recent Day of the Dead imagery at the end of this piece.

Yep, all natural.

Yep, all natural.

Please don’t tell me I “should” do anything. You will be met with an icy stare of some sort or I’ll tune you out. I have a marketing plan for my life and I’m not into chasing someone else’s dreams. God has a plan for me. Your plan is not mine.

Don’t tell me I “can’t” do anything. I’ll make it happen. It might be easy, it might be a struggle, it might take longer than expected, but I’ll do it.

I’m not afraid to say no. However, this is different from saying yes to good opportunities. As a child I was teased a bit about being “picky Vicki”. As an adult I’m not ashamed to say I know what like and don’t like.

I have no desire to have kids whatsoever. Children are awesome, really. I admire my siblings and friends and their skill in raising their families. I like being Aunt Vicki. However, I just don’t have the patience for the little ones. I’m OK with not using my uterus. I give birth to creativity instead. OK, I digress, unless George Clooney comes knocking….

I love my name; I thank God almost daily that my parents choose it. It’s the essence of romance, royalty, and everything at Victoria’s Secret has my name on it.

I like younger men; I always have. Not in the “call me momma” way, though (see note above about the lack of desire for children), over 30-ish preferred. But I won’t cut out dating the age spectrum; the last one was twelve years older. Married men need not apply. I don’t cheat, PERIOD. Karma’s one mean bitch; I don’t tempt fate. But speaking of men…

I’m grateful that my last relationship (the longest I’ve had) didn’t end with bitterness. Sadness, yes. Anger, no. My ex is still my friend that I run into occasionally, but the love for him is gone. I think I’m ready for the next love to come along-that is if he can keep up with me.

I am grateful to be alive. I’ve had some health issues and two brushes with death (almost poisoned by carbon monoxide and my recent emergency surgery) but I get to walk this earth today. I try to remind myself to take better care of me and our planet so I can continue to roam.

I don’t get embroiled in politics. I develop solutions. If you don’t vote, participate or volunteer, please stop griping and do something about “it”.

I toot my own horn, because if I don’t promote or believe in myself, no one else will. It’s called marketing with confidence.

Opinions are like assholes; everybody has one. If I ask you yours, it’s because I trust you and need your perspective.

My writing and artwork is honest. If it isn’t, I’m not doing my job and the work will suck.

I would rather be punched in the face than have to deal with cockroaches. I hate those bastards.

I will miss my mom until the day I die.

I laugh a lot and crack really bad jokes. Get used to it.

There is no life without risk.

I am a romantic fool.

I like it when people underestimate me. There is nothing like blowing away those that try to hold you down.

This year is going to be one of my best ever. Watch and enjoy.


I am doing more millinery work. I usually start with a sturdy base hat and then get creative. I have hats ready for purchase and the first one out of the chute is a ladies Day of Dead topper. Of course, once I started photography I couldn’t resist doing a cosplay and makeup. Enjoy the pictures of the process and finished product.

Started with Makeup

Started with Makeup


 Added a wig.

Added a wig.

And some roses.

And some roses.

And the hat.

And the hat.

And then some style. Day of the Dead Indeed

And then some style. Day of the Dead Indeed

The Day of the Dead hat is available for purchase, $50 plus MO tax and shipping. If interested please email me at vschultz@hautehen.com by October 7th .  After that, it goes into my etsy shop, TheHauteHen; more goodies available there shortly.

Hat Details:

Hat measures about 22” circumference on the inside.

Longest section of veil is 38”, the shorter is about 36”, both long enough to drape over the top and front, or around your neck.

Ostrich plume is about 12”.

Décor includes black and white roses, white mini fan, black plume, veil, and silver/black skull. All attached with either glue (white and Krazy), Duck tape and/or sewn in. Veil is attached with a square knot in the back. I do not recommend removing it to clean; spot clean instead.

Hat is signed on the inside.

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