Happy New Years 2014 and More Random Thoughts

Happy New Year 2014 and More Random Thoughts


I wanted to blog in December but got caught up in last minute art and writing projects. V.7 of The Vampire’s Little Black Book Series, “Can You Hear My Heart Beating?” was late, but arrived in time for the holidays. I was thrilled to see that many readers took advantage of my FREE download period. V.8 “Everyone Looks Better Undead” is coming in a few days. Please watch my links (at the bottom of the blog) for updates on my latest releases or find my author page on amazon (Victoria L. Szulc).

Cover shot for "Can You Hear My Heart Beating?"

Cover shot for “Can You Hear My Heart Beating?”

I jotted down some thoughts over the last weeks, enjoy a small trip into my mind.

Jan 1st Random thoughts on this New Years:

-I make a mean bean dip. Yummy.

-I conceived one of the hottest vampires on the planet. 2000+ copies downloaded world-wide, thank you.

-Started the year with a breakup-and survived (2013).

-Mariah Carey was rockin’ some over the elbow gloves tonight.

-They say spend your New Years with someone you’d like to keep around. This year it’s Bobablou, my rabbit.

-My Clockwork Cat is the coolest 3D piece I’ve produced so far. And it fit right into my steam theme.

-Really liked a lot of music, Daft Punk “Get Lucky” was by far my fav song.

-If you’d have told me I’d be in the hospital for the first time my life (long stay, more than a day) with a huge tumor revomal, I’d told you, hey that’s a load of crap. Oh and Frankenavel is gone. New navel is lookin’ good.

New navel.

New navel 1/2014


-Goodbye Frankenavel 7/17/13

-St. James Winery, oh Velvet Red. So then, a toast to you my friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Jan 3rd before the blizzard

Random thoughts for today:


-Leave your pets out in the cold, they’ll be seized. If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pets.

-M-I-Z (they said they couldn’t play in the SEC) Z-O-U (currently kicking butt in the Cotton Bowl!)

-I can barely comprehend that it’ll be 20-30 degrees below wind chill factor by Monday night with 6-10″ of snow. Scott Breihan let me know that Mars is 29 below right now. We’ll be as cold as Mars. Now that’s freakin’ scary.

-I have determined that I will never spill the gooey inside of a Queen Anne’s Cordial ever again. It’s like sticky herpes on the bottom of your feet. You just can’t get rid of it.

-Be safe and stay warm all, happy weekend!

Random thoughts on the snow Jan 5th:

-heck yeah I slept in

-the Arch is somewhere in the picture below

The Arch is in there somewhere.

-on my 2nd cup of yummy tea

-the waves in the 2nd pic below are snow drifts; if I can see them from the 20th floor, they have to be a foot high

The drifts are about a foot high.

The drifts are about a foot high.

-it’s a great day to draw and write about vampires.

Stay safe all!

Ok one more set of random thoughts unless anything super interesting happens:

-it’s snowing 1-2″ an hour

-I forgot how good pizza rolls are

-my rabbit Bobalou looked out the window and gave me one of those WTF? looks

-Sean White looks good with his hair cut short.

-I heard some of my neighbors laughing on their balcony, for about 30 seconds

-Everytime someone has posted how many inches they’ve got, I chuckle “that’s what she said”

-There are now snow drifts on my neighbors balconies, about a half foot.

-Hidden Valley, the local ski resort is closed.

-And the school closings for tomorrow have started.

-last cup of caffeinated tea!

-One more thought, you know it’s bad when they’re canceling church services and hockey games.

Thank you as always for reading. I have a lot of big projects in the works. “Adventures abound and romance is to be had.”  Also new items in the Etsy store!

Yep, it's for sale.

Yep, it’s for sale.

Fire Feather Hat 1


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