Comic Con STL Part 2-Con, Cars and Cosplay!

Welcome to part 2 of this blog of For this segment, I wanted to share the other parts of the Comic Con including the vendor room, a whole bunch of cosplayers and of course, the Costume Contest!

I had worked the Cosplay Circuit booth on Friday, so by Saturday I was chomping at the bit to see the show and dress up. My Steampunked/Mardi Gras’d Joker revealed:


With Lady Loki, Karen Simoncelli-Stone. My wig, Leg Ave. Jacket, Rubies c/o Johnnie Brock’s Dungeon. More on Lady Loki a bit further on…


So then off to the vendor room. Stopped by the Full Moon Features booth to say hi to a good friend, Dave Dyer of Dyer Straights Productions. I was hypnotized by all kinds of items.


Lightsabers! Sabers by Ultra Sabers. And more eight tentacled friends from


Saturday and Sunday afternoon was filled with cosplayers!





Thor cosplayer and costume contest judge Ryan Frye stopped by. He was just as charming and strong as Thor!



Even my vampire “Will” showed up; my vamp model, actor/writer, Patrick Renfrow and his family. FYI, wife Casidee Renfrow is in the online contest, hint, hint…



Amazing cars from the 1960’s Batman, the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazard and the Monte Carlo from Breaking Bad were there.


But the best moments belong to the Saturday night Cosplay Costume Contest. DJ Aflex pumped up the crowd at the start. Spontaneous dancing transpired. Even Elmo and the Cookie Monster got in on the action!


Close to 200 participants walked the stage, but in the end, the best of the best were announced including honorable mentions from each of the four judges (just a sampling pictured here):



Lady Loki won best in her category female villain. My reaction, I screamed like a five year old that had her candy stolen! Way to go Karen!



And for the second year in a row, Captain Jack Sparrow won Best in Show!

For a complete list of winners see Wizard World Comic Con St. Louis 2014. They will be returning to St. Louis in 2015, May 15-17.

PLEASE vote for any of the cosplayers in the online Cosplay Circcuit contest- search for this link on Facebook: Cosplay Circuit Digital Hall Awards – St. Louis

Thank you for reading, and for my likes on Facebook; I recently hit 200 and some prizes will be given out soon!



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