Full Moon Fever

This past Friday was a rarity, a Full Moon on a Friday the 13th. So rare, they say it won’t happen again until 2049. We had beautiful weather in the Lou. Clear skies, a lovely wind and temperatures in the 70’s.

Most of the day had been frustrating for me; still filling out paperwork, applying for jobs and trying to get some creative work done. I wasn’t feeling my best (some “female” issues), I got a little burnt by a heating pad, my AC unit needed servicing and I was just beat up in general.

Being broke and restless, I headed to the lookout point on the roof of my apartment building to get a look this special lunar event. I even got a little Steampunked. What resulted was somewhat magical. Most of the following are photos include a hat that I did not make, but accessorized. The topper is the “Godfather” style from Scala Classico that I bought at Levin’s Hat Company here in St. Louis. So enjoy the photos. I unfortunately did not get any really good shots of the moon itself, but it’s in the background of a few shots. Still the night felt mystical.


I started out inside for some test shots. Below, eye and lip makeup.


Then I got a little sassy.


And then up to the roof top to enjoy the sunset. I started cosplaying a bit; who am I? The answer came as a gambler in the Steampunk West, perhaps taking a break after some winning hands.


The view and sunset were spectacular.

Image ImageImage

Above, the MLK and Eads bridges, the Gateway Arch, and the Edward Jones Dome.



Perhaps the ring was won after playing an incredibly good hand?




What a pistol, eh? Playing silly, then serious. Did the player get played? Then night fell…


Moon 33Moon 32

The Gateway Arch and the MLK and the Eads Bridge in the early eve.

The full moon rose like a plump juicy orange. And on a Friday the 13th, things could get a little, um interesting…

Moon 34Moon 35Moon 36

The player is unabashedly witty, then stern, even smirking. She knows how to throw them off their game.

Moon 37Moon 38Moon 40

With the moon to her back she has a knowing smile. Fierce determination came to the surface.

Moon 41Moon 42

The game is almost over. She’s ready to win.

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