Jewels from the Painted Ladies

At the Lafayette Square House tour, I picked of some fabulous jewels. These aren’t the standard kind of  “jewels” you might be thinking of. Instead, they are pieces from the Victorian houses of Lafayette Square. Specifically, they are key hole plates from the locks of the doors and frames.

On my jaunt to the Lafayette House tour (mentioned in the blog before this) I wrote of running past the antique market and stopping at one certain vendor. I was stunned at the beauty of the key plates he had obtained after rehabbing many of the painted ladies in the neighborhood. I bought a few.


I was pleasantly stunned at their detail and knew immediately I’d use them for jewelry. I found some great belt clasps at the Gypsy Caravan a couple weeks before. I suddenly had matches made in Steampunk jewelry heaven, as seen here on my drawing/craft board:


I was particularly enraptured with dual key hole plate. It has a rotating cover that was stuck with rust, dirt and grime. After some careful cleaning and oiling, I was able to make it operational again. It became the center piece of the dual keyhole necklace below. I added some chain, gears and an antique looking time piece for a really stunning necklace. This one might be a keeper!


Checking the lay of the chain and pieces.


An antique belt closure I chose for the clasp.


Time piece detail. Note, this is not an antique; I picked it up at a craft store. However, I felt like it fit the necklace perfectly.


The amazing dual key hole plate with rotating cover.

The finished product is stunning!



I used another, smaller, simpler plate to make a second necklace. I again paired it with an antique belt clasp, but this time I used ribbon for a more genteel look.


Antique belt closure used for the clasp.


The key hole plate is the centerpiece of the design.


I added some gears and a sweet little crown trinket.

Again, the results were lovely.



Both pieces will be available for viewing and purchase as part of the CAM Open Studios tour at The London Tea Room, 3128 Morganford on Sunday 6/29/14, from 11am-5pm. I will have many drawings, paintings and artistic gift items available as well. Some sample items starting at $1! Would love to see you there.

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