An Evening with Unwoman

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to see Unwoman live through a DJ friend Shawn Gaston. It started as a house party but grew large enough to be moved to Ami Amore’s belly dance studio here in St. Louis.

Unwoman is Erica Mulkey, an incredibly talented musician and singer from San Francisco. She uses a modern electric cello, beats, and looping pedals to create ethereal, haunting and eclectic pieces with antique, gothic and steampunk elements. She often plays small clubs and various cons around the country.

Unwoman played for about two hours with a fun, brief intermission where she happily poured drinks and entertained guests.

Her set list consisted mostly of songs from her latest release, “Circling” (including my favorite “Hunger”) with a couple covers and a “crash-up” which I won’t reveal in case you should choose to see her live. And you should if given the opportunity. She is talented, witty and an engaging performer.







I am hoping to work with Unwoman for my upcoming book trailers. In the meantime, you can find her music at Please take a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Revamping the Vamp, Get to Know Will

When I was writing my first steampunk novel “Strax and the Widow”, I got distracted by whole different genre and character. I wondered what would it be like for a modern day vampire searching for “the one” in modern times. What do you do with eternity on your hands? Could you really fall in love with one person? And if that person were human, could you avoid killing them? Would you tire of an endless life?

I know that this theme is not exactly unique, but I wanted to write a series from the view point of the vampire. Climb into his mind and share his story. And thus my character Will and “The Vampire’s Little Black Book” series was born.

I like the short story format for this series. Each one is written like episodic television; a new adventure or peek into Will’s past. The first in the series “The Long Moonlight” might start off a little mushy, but read it all the way through to discover what’s at the heart of Will.

I like Will. For a vampire, he’s still pretty human. He loves women, but like most men, even after being alive over 600 years, has yet to completely figure them out. He has tremendous powers and desires. He is tempted, and sometimes can’t control his undead yearnings. Will’s made some serious mistakes and like most of us, his past still haunts him. He’s sweet, dirty, passionate, smart, dangerous, sexy, and sometimes a jerk, but always complex and charming.

I’ve just released V.1o “The Vamp Hit List”. It will be available to download for FREE on Wednesday November 19th on amazon/kindle. Remember, you don’t have to have a kindle to get the ebooks. You can download the Kindle app to almost any electronic device.

The whole FIRST ebook series will be FREE FOR THE LAST TIME EVER on 11/30, 12/1, and 12/26. After that you’ll have to purchase them or the upcoming compilation of all the stories, “The First Ten Bites”. I hope to have it available in hard copies/paperbacks by late spring.

Will is going to go away for a bit for a revamp as I wrap up my second steampunk novel in “The Society Series”, “Revenge and Machinery”. Some of the titles will have new artwork and new formatting, so be sure to download on the FREE dates. More of Will’s new adventures will arrive later in 2015.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the series. Please feel free to share the free download dates and rate on amazon and goodreads. I’d love to see your comments.

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Coming Events

I wanted to write a great blog about how crazy my October was, but here it is halfway through November, I’m still in recovery mode and prepping for good holiday creations. Speaking of creations, as promised, Will has returned for v.10 of the Vampire’s Little Black Book Series, “The Vamp Hit List” is now available on amazon/kindle. And yes, you can download it for FREE, next Wednesday, November 19th! Please share, download, and rate on amazon and goodreads. I hope you enjoy Will’s latest adventure. More coming, but again, that is for another blog.  In the meantime, enjoy the cover of the new story.

The Vamp Hit List Final

Have you heard the first Christmas song on the radio yet? Or seen the first holiday sale commercial? Saw the first commercial on Halloween and today, two of the local radio stations switched to all holiday music. And we’re supposed to get snow this weekend in my hometown. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but the two “holiday” shows I’m doing are this Sunday and Tuesday. Please support small and local businesses this holiday season. Artisans, crafters, musicians, and small shops (like myself) would all appreciate your patronage. The two small biz shows information is below (entry is FREE to both!):

Tea Room

This Sunday, 11/16, I’ll be at the London Tea Room. Please stop on by for some of the world’s best tea and wonderful vendors (including me!).


Heavy Anchor

On Tuesday, 11/18, I’ll be at the Heavy Anchor for their first Craft/Art Fair featuring a select group of artists. This is one of the coolest places in America (seriously). Please drop anchor for a while, have a drink and shop.

As always, thank you for reading,