A Proper Mardi Gras Topper

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Note: I made a couple edits to this blog today, 2/18/15. I had a technical issue with the link that has now been fixed and this blog has been corrected. Thank you for your patience and as always, for reading,


For those that follow my blog, you know that I am absolutely crazy about hats. My newly finished creation is a lovely top hat with a definite New Orleans Fleur de Lis flavor and Neo-Victorian steampunk style.

I started with a basic tall black top hat. I added fabric from a jacket I bought and actually wore to work over 15 years ago.



I found a nifty knob on a steep discount at a craft store. I liked the Fleur de Lis motif. I thought it would be fun to be able to pull the hat off and on by it. I choose another fleur for the backside.



I added wired ribbon, tulle, plumes, and an antique key as elegant touches.





Then a quick facial, makeup and wig test.




Then the real fun began, a lot of good shots over 90 minutes.











I included a few last regular shots for fun. I forgot how much I liked being a red head!

A couple of announcements and events:

First a biggie! I will have an art installation/show in early June here in St. Louis. Please watch this space for details!

Note, my hautehen.com website, phone number and email are down for just a few more days as I upgrade my systems.

Like a lot of steampunk? Find at great resource in the Airship Ambassador on Facebook. Right now he is fostering the Steampunk Hands Around the World event. It is a great way to meet others in the Steampunk community.

My first show of the year is next week. If you are in the St. Louis, MO area, please stop by and support local artists! Details below:


One comment on “A Proper Mardi Gras Topper

  1. Sue says:

    Fabulous hat. I love the fabric you used from your old coat with the fleur di li accents. Would never have thought of using a door knob though but it goes just right. Thank you for showing your great hat

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