Random Thoughts on the Playhouse 

I didn’t want to spend Mother’s Day any other way. Today I painted for 8 hours. My mom, who passed in 2015 was my biggest supporter of my art. So mom, this set of random thoughts and pic updates are for you:

E-6000 is amazing but stinks. I could still smell it with the windows open, the AC and a fan on. But oh how it holds together. The starfish chair is coming along nicely.   

          Well duct tape and screws are awesome too.

It took way too long to mix paint. But I saved time in the end.

Painted the water inside today. It rained outside. One lightning crash scared me, but I’d already grabbed a flashlight. It was so close there was only a split second between the flash and thunder. No paint spilled, LOL.


I got blue paint every where. Turned into a smurf.

 Even in my hair. I might keep it, LOL.
Despite not having any music on, I heard songs in my head all day. And I sung a little bit of Evita.

All in all, I got pretty far.  


             Food tastes so good when you’ve worked all day. It’s awesome to find that you have more graham cracker fudge cookies that you remember.

Somewhere my mom is smiling.



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