Steampunks at Wizard World Comic Con 2015

Yesterday I enjoyed working a booth with the Gateway City Ghostbusters. They offered me a free pass and I was very grateful for their generosity. However, I’d worked so hard on the playhouse, I didn’t have time for to create the cosplay I wanted. But I had a decent Batgirl and a lot of fun!!

I was really looking forward to seeing all the great steampunk and NeoVictorian outfits and my hometown/region did not disappoint. Here are some of the steampunk sightings from St.Louis. Note that I asked each person for use of their image for my blog. Enjoy!

Darling in pink:   
    The lady in red hand made her coat. The pic doesn’t do it justice. 

        This young man had such a great pack!!! How creative.


  You’ll know who this is if you look in his left hand. Clever!


   These ladies were here last year and out did themselves. Incredible detail and gorgeous lighting.


 House of Genevieve had some really lovely pieces. Some respect from one milliner to another.

  Wares from Dolls Gone Wrong. 


Characters from the steam web series Antediluvian looked fantastic:


  A friend and local steampunk who won last year as Tink has some interesting headgear and awesome weaponry.

 And I finally got to meet Marcibel MusicalAutomation who is part of Airship Vindus and Antediluvian.

Lastly, me and a few other favs from the show:

Who you gonna call? 

 With Gateway City Ghostbusters

Giving Slimer a kiss: 


  Above, when the floodgates opened!
Some of my favorite interesting characters:   



Me and Captain Jack: 

And one really fine dancing Iron Man: 

 Updates on the finished playhouse and A Midsummer’s Night Steam coming soon. As always, thank you for reading!

-Upcoming shows:
-Saturday May 30th Corvid’s Cafe, Cakeway To the West Artists Show

-Friday June 5th 1900 Park Creative Space, A Midsummer’s Night Steam, a steampunk installation, open the month of June.

-Thursday June 25th The Heavy Anchor Art/Craft Fair

-TBA July Stray Rescue’s Urban Wanderers dog art show

-July 25-26th The AKC Museum of the Dog, solo weekend dog art show

-A new photo/comic book/essay “The Heroine” is coming soon to Amazon/Kindle. Sorry for the delay, working out a few kinks and have sooo many irons in the fire right now.

-THE LADY HAS ARRIVED AT HER DESTINATION-“Strax and the Widow” is an ebook on Amazon/Kindle AND IS ON SALE FOR $.99, extended THROUGH MAY! Please take a peek, enjoy and review on amazon and goodreads! The sequel, “Revenge and Machinery” is coming soon! All of The Vampire’s Little Black Book Series stories are on sale for only $.99 as well. My amazon author page link:
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-Fine Art America-store coming soon


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