A Midsummers Nights Steam Opening Day 3

Day 3 was fantastic! Despite hotter weather, there was a great turnout for the house tour. Many enjoyed a stop in the gallery for water and the air conditioning. After I added still more items and pieces to the installation, Janel, the owner of the gallery 1900 Park Creative Space, suggested I dress up her daughter (Summer) and best friend (Abby). Inspiration struck, costumes were fitted and makeup applied. 

Janel shot some great photos in “The Strax and the Widow” corner:

 Then the girls and I headed out to walk the park to promote the gallery and watch some vintage baseball. The players were fantastic and true to history, didn’t smile for their pics: 

  I also managed to get a good hit, look closely for the ball going out right off of the bat:

I was so grateful to have such great models and have so many people recognize is as Steampunks!

The day ended with the sale of the rose ottoman, a graduation party in the gallery and happiness all around. 

Again, this installation is organic, meaning it will grow with additional pieces. Here are shots with latest works added:

             The official press release with more information:

Things are going to get a bit steamy this summer and it will be more than just the weather. “A Midsummers Night Steam”, a steampunk art installation by multi-media artist Victoria L. Szulc, will debut at 1900 Park Creative Space on Friday, June 5th, from 6pm-9pm.

What is steampunk? In a nutshell, Victorian science fiction: “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells, the Wild Wild West tv show (or movie) or worlds run on steam power with sci-fi elements. Szulc explains, “I was introduced to Victorian style at the History Museum during a city/county student history sharing program, where I was encouraged to draw 1904 World’s Fair fashion. I was later inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 1800’s; of hand-produced, well made items. This is the steam part, as most industry ran on steam power. The punk part came from the advent of MTV, a whole new kind of music and performers not seen before, particularly British New Wave and Punk bands like The Police, Duran Duran, and Adam Ant. The mix of the two is a blend that I can not resist. I’m excited by the juxtaposition of a well tailored suit with dreadlocks or a mohawk, or dirigible airships with punk pirates, and ladies in fine gowns with aqua and purple hair.”

The art of this installation is built around Szulc’s exploration of steampunk as an artistic theme which is documented on her blog http://www.mysteampunkproject.wordpress.com : “I like the functional beauty of my work. Steampunk has opened a whole different direction to my art. My blog features all my steam adventures, including visits to historical places, writing research, some personal reflections and my creative process. The novels I’m writing have become the structure of my work. The Society Trilogy features the adventures of my heroine, Kate Church, a young woman who attempts to escape her problems in St. Louis by running to the wild west but later returns to ‘do things for the greater good’ as a spy. The books explore several themes: good vs. evil and the grey areas in between, second chances at happiness, civilized living vs. anarchy, and finding a common balance in all things. I’m elevating steampunk into an installation art and building Kate Church’s steampunk world to be shared.”

The space will be “organic”, growing as pieces are added. Art from the world of Kate Church will include fashion, photography, antiques, and props, all with a steampunk/neo-Victorian theme. Szulc will be documenting the evolution of the installation on her blog mysteampunkproject.wordpress.com. Visitors are encouraged to return to the gallery during the month of June to witness the art’s progress. Most pieces will be available to purchase. E-copies of the first book of The Society Trilogy, “Strax and the Widow” are now available on amazon/kindle, and paperbacks will be available for pre-order and delivery through the gallery during the run of the show. Szulc will “live” read from “Strax” during the installation’s opening weekend, Friday June 5th, 6pm-9pm and Saturday and Sunday, 10am-5pm in conjunction with the Lafayette Square House Tour. The show will run through June 30th with some additional activities to be announced.  


As always, thank you for reading!


-Upcoming shows:

-Continuing-Corvid’s Cafe, Cakeway To the West Artists Show

-Please follow at #RaisetheRoof, #RTR, #FOW for placement updates on the “Under the Sea” playhouse. 

-Thursday June 25th The Heavy Anchor Art/Craft Fair

-July 10th, Stray Rescue’s Urban Wanderers dog art show

-July 25-26th The AKC Museum of the Dog, solo weekend dog art show

-A new photo/comic book/essay “The Heroine” is coming soon to Amazon/Kindle. Sorry for the delay, working out a few kinks and have sooo many irons in the fire right now.

-THE LADY HAS ARRIVED AT HER DESTINATION-“Strax and the Widow” is an ebook on Amazon/Kindle AND is available for paperback pre-order at “A Midsummer Nights Steam”. Please take a peek, enjoy and review on amazon and goodreads! The sequel, “Revenge and Machinery” is coming soon! My amazon author page link:


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