Close Ups From Home, a Blue Moon and the Future

Saturday was my 8th anniversary of my move to downtown St. Louis. I used to say I’d never live or work in the city. Now I do both. So this post’s bit reflective.

Eight years ago I had to make some serious changes. I wanted to work in media, so I left a boring job in finance to work for a tv station. I also sold I house I thought I’d wanted but it was right for me. 

The tv station started going down hill about a year in. It took almost seven years of drama for it to collapse. I say you never lived until you’ve been part of a mass firing (I was let go with about 20 other people). I was only out of work for a few months before I landed with another media conglomerate. 

But I quit. I was meant to do art. My art, which includes two veins: dog art and of course, steampunk, which is the drive behind this blog. 

Deep in thought today:

 Friday night was the blue moon, which coincided with Celtic “Reaper” season, or harvest. This is a great time for transformation. And again, I find myself preparing for changes.

The view last night:  
I had a good year so far with shows and writing. I’m readying to take it to the next level. I’ve had a little break for the last week or two. Some of that included a few nasty setbacks. But I don’t want to focus on the past, I am ready to harvest the next stage. 

I’m at last working on wrapping up the sequel to Strax and the Widow, titled Revenge and Machinery. I am psyched, writing and editing after a long time away doing visual art. 

I have such passion for this that I’m starting a Go Fund Me page. It was not an easy decision. I don’t like to ask for help.  Now please, if you’re reading this and think, uh no, please, just hang for a sec. 

My car is old and needs work. I would really like to get a larger and reliable car for trips or have funds to rent. I’m now getting invites to cons and shows across country. I’m getting local and national recognition for my work. My old sedan isn’t equipped for the road ahead. Working for a corrupted company damaged my credit and my happiness; there were many times that I didn’t get paid on time, in many instances, not for days.

To get to the next level will take a little funding. I know a lot of people are hurting financially right now, but I give what I can, mostly in donations of art, especially to animal and dog rescue groups. So I’m not going to ask for more than I need. And if I get over what I need, know that the extra will go into the bellies and hearts of those who really need it. It will also help other small and local businesses succeed as I use them before I go to larger corporate worlds to shop. 

If you don’t want to give, please consider buying my art or my books. The details of my campaign are here:

As always,I want to thank you for reading. I am so glad your are here.


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