Garbage, Concert and Influence

Every once in a while I post about things that inspire my steampunk art. I find that  sometimes there’s more focus on the steam part and less on the punk. Not that there’s anything wrong with Victorian history, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Neo-Victoriana, re-enactors, etc., I think there’s room for all of it. 

Last night I had the good fortune to get a free ticket to go see Garbage, a group with punk/alt rock roots,in concert at The Pageant, here in St. Louis, courtesy of Agent Owl:

For my younger readers, you might want to check out Garbage’s music, a mix of grunge/electronica that borrows from the punk aesthetic. They still inspire me.

They were at the height of their fame when I first saw them 20 years ago at Pointfest, a local alt rock music festival (that is still going strong) sponsored by local radio station 105.7 The Point. Back then, I liked them because they reminded me of the dancible punk of Adam Ant and Billy Idol, with goth elements of the Cure. 

The lead singer, Shirley Manson, is still going strong at almost 50, stalking the stage like a tigress. I can appreciate that she even admitted to a mistake and restarted one of the songs early in the set. 

Their pieces are often dark, but lyrically witty, with driving guitars and bass lines, things that apply well to the punkier side of steampunk.

They saved one of my favorite songs for the end, “Only Happy When It Rains”. The video features a nifty clash of glam punk in a dystopian, crumbling surrounding:

There’s a strong dieselpunk vibe in the video for “Special”, video via YouTube:

And a little retro/cyberpunk for the James Bond theme “The World is Not Enough”:

I hope you check out their music. The live show was electrifying. 

As always, thank you for reading,


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One comment on “Garbage, Concert and Influence

  1. That was so much fun seeing Garbage together! Looking forward to the Big River Steampunk Festival in Hannibal next weekend! #AgentOwl

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