Halloween Part 2…

Dear Readers:

First, my  blog has hit 100 likes! Thank you for reading, I am so very grateful to share my art with you.

So I couldn’t fit it all in one blog, more Halloween pics:One of our hosts Trish, my friend Michele as the DOD Bride, and me.

One of the Willy Wonka’s gave out real bars, and a golden ticket! He also did the fall from the original movie:

And I forgot to post a few of one of St. Louis’s most beloved queens, (pardon the spelling) Tomorrow Morning, who did a great take on Beyoncé:

Her coat was so amazing I had to shoot video:

Had a great late dinner at Culpepper’s, the usual club sandwich and fries, to finish off the night.

I’ll have more on what happened on Guy Fawkes in the next blog!

As always, thank you for reading,

News and events:
This Saturday, Steampunk St. Louis at the World Bird Sanctuary, 11/12, 11a-4p:

And next week a book signing with my editor Debbie Manber Kupfer:

-I will again host the Open House at 1900 Park during the Holiday Parlor Tour in Lafayette Square, Sunday, 12/11, 10am-5pm:

I will have a Small Biz Saturday Sale in the Haute Hen Etsy store. Watch this space for details!

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