Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Dear Readers:

I awoke to a relaxing, foggy morning after celebrating Christmas Eve with my family last night. I can not tell you how grateful I am to have a completely full day to myself to sleep in, watch movies and read. I hope this holiday is a peaceful and joyful one for you and yours. Just a couple pics of my tree and Bobalou resting:

The Gateway Arch is behind that fog somewhere….

Snuggle bunny

A pleasant reminder:

The last BIG SALE of the year!! 50% off any item over $21. The first part of the sale will run through December 26th. After that, all holiday items will be marked down until January 2nd, before leaving the store. So you can stock up on last minute gifts and decor for next year. PLEASE NOTE: I can not guarantee shipping or delivery by Christmas or New Years. Use coupon code for the 50% off: 50LAST2016

Store link:

Thank you for supporting small and local. As always, thank you for reading, peace to you and yours this holiday season!



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-No events in Jan, but big events coming in Feb, watch this space….
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