On Losing Heroes

2016 has been the Reaper’s bitch. And I say that with some bitterness, as today, one of my childhood heroes, Carrie Fisher, passed away.

I was completely mesmerized by Princess Leia’s fierce determination and bravery against such incredible odds. I remember wanting to pee in my pants when Vader first overtook her ship. She was strong, yet caring. Unflinching, yet compassionate. She even got the bad boy to come around to be a gentleman. 

In real life, Carrie was just as much a hero. Outspoken and speaking for others fighting mental illness and addiction. I’ve always believed real heroes have flaws. And those imperfections are what truly make us unique and beautiful. Ms. Fisher was flawed, and she was beautiful.

I had hoped she would recover, especially after we have lost so many others this year; not just entertainers, but authors, artists, scientists, and scholars. 
Although I feel wounded and aghast at the loss of such talent this year, I try to comfort myself with creating, with helping. Sadness and negativity win when we stop living with purpose, when we live without love. 

Time is short, use it wisely, because you may be someone else’s hero. And today, we need heroes more than ever.

Peace, and as always, thank you for reading,



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