Broken Hearts Ball Was Quite the Bash!

Wow! What a weekend. I was in recovery mode from the Broken Hearts Ball today, when I got the news that I won a contest on Over 30 Cosplay! More details later.

To the news at hand…

The Ball was amazing, a packed house. The fashion show went off without a hitch. Some of my photos:

Fitz Stuller, Emily Wright, and Toby Holmes in the photo booth.

Me and Fitz Stuller as the Countess

Videos courtesy of Lori Peterson:

Photo from Mike Troutt of Toby Holmes:

J Shelley:

Cat woman Kyana Guilliam

Maleficent Dana Byrd

Toby Holmes and Fitz Stuller chilling backstage, photo courtesy of the models:

Pro photographer Susan E. Bennet of Ooh St. Lou captured some lovely attendees:

And more people are still posting in the discussion on FB here:

And  what came in the mail? More copies of my new dog book! The book signing is on Feb. 18 at Noon at the AKC Museum of the Dog! More details below in the events portion below.

As always, thank you for reading,



News and events:

Steampunk Masquerade Art Show-continues to run through the month of February (3rd-25th). The Facebook invite link is here and is updated on a regular basis:

-Another dream come true! I have a book signing at the AKC Museum of the Dog for my tome, “A Book of Sleepy Dogs”! Feb. 18th at NOON at the Museum.More details coming!!

A formal link coming, but here is the FB post on Dog Museum page:

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-Please support me at gofundme/passionateartist!

-THE LADY HAS ARRIVED AT HER DESTINATION-“Strax and the Widow” is on Amazon/Kindle. Please take a peek, enjoy and review on amazon and goodreads! And so the Discussion began….The sequel, “Revenge and Machinery” is here too! My amazon author page link:

Or buy on Etsy: -I have plenty of copies of “Strax and the Widow” and “Revenge and Machinery” in the Etsy store. To get an inscribed/signed copy, message me through the Etsy store. Books are $20 each or $35 for both.

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