Closing Shows and More…

Dear Readers: 

Thank you to all who stopped by the Amazing Spirit Art Reception last week. Here’s a quick look with my artist friends Genevieve Esson and Arleana Holtzman. 

The show closes this Sunday, July 30th.

Basic info here:

Stray Rescue’s Urban Wanderers ended on 7/23. I didn’t get to de who adopted my piece “These Are For You”, but I hope they are enjoying it!

So now, the crazy prep for Big River escalates. More details coming soon.

As always, thank you for reading,


Upcoming events:

*12th Annual Amazing Spirit Art Exhibit and Opening at the CWE Schlafly Branch of the City Library, continues through July 30th.

*Big River Steampunk Festival, Hannibal, MO, Labor Day Weekend. Event link is here:

TBA with more details:

*9/15, Rock, Shop and Glow Festival, 5-8pm

*9/23, Strange Folk Festival

*11/11, Live Draw at the AKC Museum of the Dog

*12/2017 Lafayette Square Holiday Parlor Tour

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