Lafayette Square Holiday Parlor Tour!!

Hello Lovelies!

As promised, pics from the Lafayette Tour!!!

If you’d rather see video, here’s the link to my YouTube:

It’s been a few years since I’ve done the actual tour, so I got gussied up in my holiday best:

Then off to the park!!! I parked on the west side as the park and neighborhood were packed. I was happy to pose with kiddos in the park for pics. I stopped at the fabulous Park House to get my ticket.

Then onto the tour, which I did backwards as I was closer to the last houses first. So the houses on the South side on Lafayette:

The soldier out front-so cute!!

I tried to get the tree or festive decor in each house. This one did not disappoint!

A little blurry but a detail of one of the stunning hinges.

Then onto the West side:

One of the best in the Square, 1525 Missouri!

With the owner:

Details on the restoration of the house. Here’s the double Parlor.The gorgeous tree!

The lovely spiral staircase down from the main foyer.The amazing window and stained glass above the spiral staircase.

Exterior shots-simply stunning work of architecture!

Next pics are of a House not on the tour, but amazing nevertheless, one of my favorites.

Next, an incredible opening, these flowers on the stairway!

Another gorgeous tree!

Cute stockings and another beautiful table!

Yes, another sweet tree and ornate fireplace. I need one of these…

The oldest house in Lafayette Square!

One of the rebuilt homes/apartments in the Square. What a lovely dress!

This is one of the modern decor homes. They raise angora rabbits and use their fur for wonderful wearable creations:

It was time for a pit stop at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Laredo’s!

After a soda, it was over to 1900 Park, Forrest Gallery and the seasonal market for a little shopping, then onto the rest of the tour. Sorry no pics, I bought gifts!!

Onto the east side of the Square!

The scrolled railing!!!

A super tall tree! Love the ribbon.

The next two houses, just WOW!!

Detail in the doorway!!

This house

Then over to the park for a carriage ride with Spike! I’ve always wanted to take one and finally got a chance at sunset:

Caught a few pics of the park at sundown and ended where I started at the Park House and then on the West side of the park where the trolley came by!

Thank you to all the homes that hosted!! It was a true delight!

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