Happy New Year!

Hello Lovelies!

So first, like most of you, I’ve made one very simple New Years resolution:

Also, a little less social media, a lot more creativity, and a lot more exercise.

My little run to the ER with massive back spasms on xmas eve day was a brutal reminder that I need to stay healthy.

2017 was filled with highs and lows and the gaps between were massive; very little grey area.

On the bad side, my older sister passed away on Easter after a 30+ year battle with MS. The very next night I had to style a photo shoot. And just a week later I had a book signing and photo promo shoot (of me).Honest to God, I am so grateful to have been surrounded by friends and family.

I also had to put Bobalou down. I still miss him, but realize a pet isn’t a good thing for me to have right now.

My sis in law lost her mother only a couple months after her father was seriously ill in the hospital. I also had to break off a couple of professional relationships that weren’t fruitful and actually downright scary.

The highs were well, amazing. I put out four books:

1) A Book of Sleepy Dogs

2) A Long Reign (my first amazon bestseller)

3) Illustrated-Cecilia’s Tale (A Children’s Book I illustrated for my editor, Debbie Manber Kupfer!)

4) The First Ten Bites (a compilation of my vamp series)

5) I started a book on NaNoWriMo!

6) and ended the year with a short story submission. Literally on NYE!!

I curated a Steampunk art show and the first Broken Hearts Ball and Fashion Show-at 1900 Park, and shows at The Heavy Anchor.

I had two shows at the Dog Museum and donated my annual piece to Stray Rescue’s annual Urban Wanderers art show.

Big River Steampunk Festival was incredible. And managing the Masquerade Fashion Show was amazing:

The year ended with the Lafayette Square House Tour. It was inspiring!

New Years came in with a cold blast. I relaxed at home with movies, cookies, treats, wine, writing, and pancakes!!

And it was so cold that ice was on the Mississippi on New Years Day:

Thank you for letting me share another trip around the sun with you all.

Of course with end of the year, all holiday items in my shop are already marked at 50% until 12/15/18. http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheHauteHen

2018 is going to be magical. So many plans are already in the works.

Peace to you and yours, and as always, thank you for reading!



June 2018-Book Releases, watch this space!

Labor Day Weekend 2018-Big River Steampunk Festival

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