Lipstick Love

Hello Lovelies:

It’s time to clean up and prepare for an immense year.

Decluttering Has Commenced

I hate dry lips. Lip balm, gloss, and lipstick are usually never far away. So when I bought some new makeup and received some as Christmas gifts, I decided that going through my make-up should be part of my New Year’s decluttering.  I’ve got a lot going on this coming year, so getting things organized is priority number one.

Yesterday, I resolved that I would start with cleaning out the medicine cabinets and my lipstick collection because I kept finding tubes that were almost done. After my initial gathering, I had no less than seven sticks that were down to “just a little” left. I also had about five of those mini samples from Avon and Clinique that come with the bonus gifts. They were good colors too. I got to work, using old (but now sterilized) contact lense containers to store these chunks of creamy bouche goodness. I had started down the rabbit hole of lip coverage.

By the time I scooped out like colors, I had six of those little bad boys filled with mostly nude and red shades. I marveled at my tenacity to even scrape out two ultra thick lip color pencils (they are even too large for my biggest sharpener) and one gold gloss that was only partially used because the applicator didn’t even reach to half way down the bottom! By the time I was finished, I had wiped the little remaining bits on my lips. My pout looked amazing in multiple sparkling shades.

And I now had amazing little pots of color I could use and not waste. I hate wasting things. Note, I did not keep anything that looked or smelled like it was going bad.

I realized I needed to check my makeup bag, the medicine cabinet, a couple sink storage spots, my purse, and my special events makeup kit to see what I really had. The results were shocking. I have a problem. I am a lip coverage addict. I thought I was down to just a few colors. I assembled quite the stash from purple to bright pink to my favorite deep red from Clinique. Twenty-four lipsticks and gloss tubes (yes I know, crazy!), four liners, and five lip plumpers which I had totally forgotten about. Oh and two lip balms. I had everything from the cheap L.A. dollar store brand to Clinique, Avon to Kryolan and Ben Nye theatrical brands, Makeover Essentials to one fantastic Revlon nude shade that I picked up for under $2 at a Walgreens last year. And I got this Buxom gloss from my sister in law that’s so good it hadn’t left my purse since Christmas. I am clearly obsessed.

The rest of my make-up was far less challenging because two years ago, I realized I had WAY too much shadow. I only cleaned out a couple of brown shades that were stuck in the corners of containers that went to the recycling bin. But as I went along, I also found two scented bars of sculpting soap and other bs like that. I cut ‘em up and put them in my huge bath gel dispenser with another sample size bath lotion (along with what was previously in there, vanilla bath foam and xmas cinnamon—wait for it—from last year and I mean 2016). I’m gonna use that stuff, I swear, and I have been, just like I got through the too much eye shadow, one day at a time.

I found two unopened mascaras that I was looking for. And I sorted through make up brushes too.

I also found two tubes of body shimmer and one tube of glitter which belonged in the special kit. I confess that the body shimmer is the bomb. It’s some silvery stuff I bought from Avon, and it highlights like nothing else I’ve seen. I need a special event to just cover myself in it like a vampire from Twilight. And it’s not a bad thing. I do enough shoots and events to where this stuff will get used. Which brings me to…

The cellulite creams, body lotions, oils, etc. Yeah, that was part of two years ago “let’s pare this back a little”. I put a bunch of them in one big bottle with some self-tanning creams—and forgot about it. Even though the immense bottle is in the same caddy as my bath soap with a tub of lavender foot lotion that’s (I can’t believe this) TEN years old. I remember because that’s when I had I house and I’ve now been in my apartment ten years. Wow, that’s hard to admit. Ah well, yep, it’s so freaking cold and dry here right now, that yes, I using that stuff TODAY. Again none is going to waste and I’ll be soft as a baby’s bottom. The Mississippi is starting to really ice up as we hit day thirteen of below freezing temps. You can see the progression.

I did good today. I also took out five bags of recycling (don’t judge, I just haven’t had time since before Christmas when I threw my back out), I made a massive pot of bean mix for burritos, etc., banana oatmeal bread (my apt smelled heavenly), did one load of laundry, squeezed in a short workout, promoted some artwork online, starting planning for an upcoming shoot, and even sorted through a sandwich bag full of AA batteries. To explain, my portable CD player practically eats them. However, after they’re done in the player, they’re still good enough for the TV remote, mini flashlights, a couple of clocks, and a small portable fan in the bathroom.  And I still got to sleep in.

So next up is more laundry and cleaning up xmas over the next few days. After that, organizing craft/art supplies and moving some furniture. Like I said, I gotta have things in place to be able to work more efficiently because 2018 is my year. Get ready for some delightful things!

Please note SALE!! all holiday items in my shop are already marked at 50% until 12/15/18.

Cementing my first show and shoot of the year. 🙂

As always, thank you for reading!



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