Army of Brass Review

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On my blog I don’t do a lot of reviews in general. However, I do like to share works that positively affect the Steampunk community. Army of Brass (a CWC novel) is one those pieces.

What is the CWC?

Brass is a Collaborative Writing Challenge (CWC) novel, which means a selected group of authors wrote individual chapters. An editor and story coordinator then finish the book. 10% of profits from CWC novels go to to fund children’s literacy programs for kids in challenged environments such as war and natural disasters.

But on with the book…

Army has an intricate plot of many characters and locations which would be a challenge to any writer, let alone fifteen plus authors. But this group pulls it together handsomely.

Our adventure starts as one of my favorite characters, Elaina, meets Jack, a dashing figure, during a heated discussion in the House of Lords in one of the fictional towns. Both Elaina and Jack want to stop an impending invasion from a Baron that killed Elaina’s husband.

And so begins a well woven tale of spies, double crossing villagers and hierarchy, and all kinds of people who want their hands on the Army of Brass. There’s even a few hints of sweet romance.

A great read

Considering the amount of authors, characters, plot lines, and the size of the book (over 400 pages), Army of Brass is a cohesive adventure with vivid worlds of an unknown time. You can feel the characters’ pain, struggles, and triumphs, in each chapter. This compliment extends to the story coordinator, Phoebe Darqueling.

I give it five stars (out of five) as I couldn’t put it down and read it within a few hours.

There is some violence that may not be suitable for younger readers, however it is not gratuitous and only furthers the theme of a need of harmony amongst of people trying to save their worlds. You can find the book here:

Right now kindle/digital copies are $.99.

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