The Power of a Dream

Hello Lovelies:

Every once in a while, I post a more personal blog about the trials of being an indie artist and writer.

This post is one of those. This past week was rough, where reality rudely slapped me in the face a few times, and naysayers seemed to read my old doubtful thoughts that were hidden in the backside of my brain.

I tangled with a superior three days in a row. Some of my end of summer plans just don’t have the budget to do what I’d like. One of my other works in progress will have to wait while a little longer as I wrangle out details. A costume piece was suddenly unavailable. Balancing a day job and art is a pain in the ass.

And again, there were some highs: a walk through the space I’m shooting in next week (incredible), a friend gave me some great items, some pieces I had to order not only came on time, but are way better than I’d expected, and I finally got a few moments to work on Kate’s latest adventures with Lord Wilson in the upcoming “Lafayette to London”.

But still, doubt lingered like lazy cobweb that’s just to high to reach. And last night, I had some trouble getting to bed. I literally prayed for a sign that I’m still on the right path. But today, I could sleep in. And the result was a wonderful dream. A truly incredible one (and 100% the truth):

It opened with me walking around a large kind of boring school or small government style building. I was looking for the entrance when I looked up and saw a one of those European style signs that said “Steampunk”. I followed its direction to a parking garage, a place I’d been to before. I was greeted by two workmen in dirty, sweaty clothing.

They opened a plate on the wall and revealed a round dial underneath. One the men punched in a code and a large riveted metal door swung open before me. I went down a set of stairs of what appeared to be a department store.

There was a full fledged Steampunk event going on. I went to the home department and people bounced on beds.

I was offered something that looked like a mix of ice cream and cotton candy. It was delicious.

I made my way to a food court and stopped at tables where Steampunk folk engaged in lively conversation, massive plates of food was served, and children ran with helium balloons.

I stood in the middle of all this happiness and voice in my head said, “Steampunk, this is where I belong.” I awoke smiling.

Whether you believe it was the positive part of my subconscious or a higher power, the dream bolstered me enough to blow through several hours of costuming today for upcoming events this week. A little sample:

I’ve reposted my first real steampunk headshot from well, years ago, as the image for this blog (reposting below). I made a promise to this lady (myself) in the picture that I was going to follow my dreams and be happy:

Tonight as I ready for bed with a nice cup of calming decaf tea, I’m ready to keep those promises.

As always, thank you for reading,




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