Fox Theatre Shoot!!

Hello Lovelies:

On Wednesday June 20th I shot at one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The stunning Fox Theatre in my hometown of St. Louis, MO.

I have always dreamed of doing something in the theatre, so in two action filled hours, photographers Kim Ackerman, Kyana Gilliam, and assistant Ray Ochs, models Jacqueline Brown, Ashley Meyer, and Mary L. Poll, and myself, artist/stylist/designer/coordinator/director, filmed/shot haute couture steampunk fashion, maternity fashion, promos for Big River Steampunk Festival and Twitch/podcast Talk of the Tavern, a piece for Steampunk Journal, and a book trailer for my second novel “Revenge and Machinery”.

It was incredible.

I am posting just a couple samples here, but the article for the Journal will come very soon as well as the book trailer! I will also have some behind the scenes footage of working on the shoot. So a sneak peek:

Casual shot by me, Model: Ashley Meyer as Kate Church, the heroine of my novels. Photo/Designer/stylist: Victoria L. Szulc


Photography: Kim Ackerman

Assistant: Ray Ochs

Models: Ashley Meyer (as Kate Church) and Jacqueline Brown (as the villainous Madeline Fahey)

Location: Fox Theatre, St. Louis


Photography/stylist: Kim Ackerman

Assistant: Ray Ochs

Model: Mary L. Poll

Location coordinator: Victoria L. Szulc

Location: Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO


Photographer: Kyana Gilliam

Model: Ashley Meyer

Designer/Stylist: Victoria L. Szulc

Location: Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO


The promo for Big River Steampunk Festival link here:

Lots more coming soon!!!

As always, thank you for reading,




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