A Talk Amongst Comic Book Fans

Hello Lovelies!

I’m still playing catch up with last months events. And this month is almost over, so the last one for June was an intriguing visit to Callisto Comics & Stories for a Talk on Comic Writing for a local comic Meet Up Group.

Dave Callisto, the owner of the store, has a fantastic array of all genres of comics and unique collectibles.

A lively discussion about writing for sci-fi, fantasy, and comics ensued. I was just as interested in hearing about their favorites as I was to share my own writing experience with Steampunk. It was interesting to enjoin the group’s discussions about Steampunk crossovers, comic storylines, and the writing process. A fun time was had by all!

Perusing through the titles, I could see Steampunk’s influence on other genres and series:

Many thanks to the group for hosting! More about Steampunk and comics coming to Steampunk Journal…

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