The Move

Hello Lovelies!

I’m sitting in my new digs, a historic carriage house next to an outstanding Victorian mansion. It’s late afternoon and I am completely tired and sore, taking Advil and icing my knee.

In early February, my life completely changed. I accepted an offer to become the caretaker and weekend manager of the lovely Campbell House Museum. Within days I was purging my apartment and packing. I tore apart my couch. My car was filled to the brim with boxes and junk. At one point I was up for 24 hours straight in order to get everything out in time. I loaded a cargo van 5-6 times with probably over 30 trips up and down the building elevator. And I still had a week gap in between where I spent a little over a week with my best friend. So some of my stuff was in storage, some at my besties house, and some even temporarily placed in the BooTique.

Some idiot decided to try and bomb me with eggs as I loaded/unloaded at the BooTique (which is right next to my old apartment building). There’s no doubt in my mind it was malicious, but f*ck them. I’d been at that place over 11 years and there’s been an immense amount of drama. Floods, fires, plagues, locusts (well cockroaches and bed bugs). Oh and the insane woman who broke in on my floor, pulled the fire alarms, knocked on all the doors, saying there was a fire and then how she was a goddess and was going to fly. Aaaand she assaulted one of my neighbors with a potted plant and whipped him with an extension cord. This all happened at 2am. The new job/living space was posted shortly after. Within a week and a half, I was hired. Emancipation was on the horizon.

It was exhausting. On the day I left, I posted one last FB live video where I looked like absolute death.

I will miss my Arch view. I will not miss the drama. Here’s the last night picture:

And my last morning pic at 7am:

By 8:45am, my keys were turned in and I headed to my friend’s house in the burbs. The week with her was relaxing for the most part. We endured another snow storm, and a couple spotty sleets and didn’t have to go anywhere. I got to see Captain Marvel on its opening weekend (loved it). And ate an insane amount of stuff I never usually eat: pizza (twice), tacos, Chinese, tons of popcorn. I was in suburban heaven.

But the end of last weekend brought on phase two of moving: Monday 9am, picked up another van, loaded. Stopped at the BooTique, loaded the last of my antique furniture. Unloaded at the new place, put the bed together while my new mattress got shipped in. Took more items over to storage. Went back to return the van. Loaded the car and finally back to the new pad at 10pm. Again, exhausting. I swear I’m never moving again.

It took me almost two days to recover and start truly unpacking. I’m still doing it. I worked sporadically at my other job for MoBot. I’m totally lacking in motivation. BUT….

My new place is amazing. I’m still in pinch me mode. There’s a lot to be done, but right now just basking in the glow mode.

The new view:

So in the wake of these changes, many things got pushed aside temporarily.

My apologies for several things:

1) I posted, in error, just today about the Science Center event on March 1st. Of course that has already happened and the event was a success!!!! Thank you for all those who came out to the Steampunk First Friday. A few pics from the event where a preview of my coloring book was given away:

2) Book delays-I haven’t been able to write since the short story release of Emerald Beginnings. However, once I’m settled in, my new position allows for for time off. Which means more books, more Steampunk goodies. Watch this space for revised release dates. This spring and summer is going to be steamy!

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Sold! thanks to help from Amy Wilder (Steampunk supermodel at Big River Steampunk Festival/on the right) and Lacey Reinhardt (From Haunted STL Tours at the Lemp Mansion/on the left) my super models who made this dress look fabulous!

March 1st, First Friday at the Science Center!

Hello Lovelies!

Tomorrow! Come by and see me!

I’ll be hosting the coloring activity in The Countess room!!

And the first 200 groups in the door get a goodie bag.

Admission is free. The link to the event here:

I’ll have a big selection of all kinds of fun items including jewelry, hats, and interesting clothing pieces on SALE!