Relics and Treasures or I Cried as Notre Dame Burned

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This blog is not what I had planned on writing. It’s in the very early hour of April 16 and I’ve finished an odd/sad day of promoting, cleaning, wrapping up taxes, updating my computer, watching a couple of awesome drama filled shows (they always make me laugh and cry) and helping a carpenter get shutters on the lovely Campbell House, a place I’m delighted to call home, despite the fact I knocked my head on the cellar door amongst other terrible things today.

I’ve written about the House a few times before: a piece for Steampunk Journal, and last week, a blog about storm spotting. The Campbell House is a rare jewel, rehabbed after surviving over 160 years while a developing St. Louis encroached all around it.

Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, other wonderful historical buildings/monuments have not fared so well.

The Karpeles Manuscript Library and Museum, an iconic building in St. Louis, which housed an immense collection of media history, suffered a four alarm blaze. Over 30 emergency vehicles managed to spare the building from a total loss, and saved much of collections inside. Picture: St. Louis Post Dispatch

And just a couple nights ago, a freak windstorm ripped part of the newly refurbished roof of a historic church, built in 1834, the Old Cathedral, which resides under the Gateway Arch. Photos: Roche Madden Fox2/AP

So when I’d began to fix lunch early this afternoon and hoped to relax while watching the Talk, CBS News broke in. Like most people, I could not believe my eyes. Notre Dame, one of the most famous structures in the world and the very heart of Paris was on fire.

Like so many other tragedies, 9/11, the Shuttle disasters, even the Titanic (which ironically sank on same day, on April 15, 1912), it’s almost unfathomable.

Notre Dame (and Paris) has been on my bucket list to visit for a long time. To see the steeple collapse amidst a tantrum of flames made me cry instantly.

For those that love art, history, architecture, or culture, the images of Notre Dame fully aflame was terrifying. The billows of thick black smoke poured from the majestic Cathedral that was over 800 years old. As most of the interior framework was made of wood, and under going a major renovation, the fire moved quickly and caused the roof to fall in as well.

There is something about our preservation of these marvels of architecture that makes me swoon. The stenciled or painted ceilings inside, gothic columns, sculptures of gargoyles and saints, and exquisite colorful stained glass seem to be small miracles.

Just as I was finishing up other works tonight, I did hear the good news that most of relics and art was spared and that billionaires are stepping forward to rebuild it. I hope the grande Dame of Paris will rise from the ashes.


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