Please Vote for “Re-Bertha”

Hello Lovelies:

“Re-Bertha of the Dead” is now installed in the Delmar Loop for the Mannequins on the Loop project!

The Mannequins on the Loop project promotes local artists and designers, recycling, and children’s education. I came up with the name for Re-Bertha (with help from Jillian the manager of my sponsor, Sunshine Daydream) as a play on Bertha, the famous skeleton of the Grateful Dead, “rebirth” in terms of recycling, and of the Dead, again a play on the Grateful Dead and Day of the Dead influence. The name clearly helped with the creation and theme of the sculpture.

I didn’t buy a single new item for the piece. I used all recycled and upcycled materials. Even the day glow paints were from old art projects. The geode jewelry was donated by my sponsor Sunshine Daydream. Special thanks to them for sponsoring. Also thanks to the Campbell House Museum for hosting my first shoot and reveal with “Re-Bertha” in the garden with the fabulous blooming florals!!

This is a juried project, but there is also a fan favorite by popular vote. I would really appreciate your vote.

Please vote for “Re-Bertha”, link here: #mannequinsontheloop

A few pics, enjoy! Video to come soon!

Thank you for your support!

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