Manifestation, Monday’s, Malone, Meteors, Snow, Squash, and Symphony

Hello Lovelies!

It has been an absolutely crazy week. Monday alone was just a weird mix. There’s a lot of alliteration with M and S words here, so read on…

I’m going to throw in a few previews of blogs to come because so much happened…

It was Veteran’s Day in the US, so a lot of businesses and schools were closed already. But hey, throw in a freakishly early first snow storm of the season, and things got really interesting really fast. It started as freezing rain and the predicted dusting of snow became 2”. Couple pics from at the Botanical Gardens and Campbell House:

By nightfall, the clouds cleared for a spectacular meteor that was captured on cameras all over the city!

Adding to the celestial excitement, it was 11/11, an optimal day to manifest. I’ve been doing daily work on my goals and gratitude with a diary a friend gave me. So at 11:11pm, I meditated and manifested my dreams. We’ll see how things go, but I’m already incredibly optimistic!

On the way inside to my apartment, I picked up one of our spaghetti squash from all fall display in the Campbell House Garden and decided to cook it up before it went bad:

I’ll have more news on the Campbell’s in upcoming blogs.

Last week was also the anniversary of my mom’s passing. Her birthday would’ve been tomorrow, so she’s still on my mind, always in November. So on the 5th, this was the first thing I was grateful for:

As I continue to write and work, I’ve found some fun and unexpected sources of inspiration. I’m not the biggest Post Malone fan, but his latest song “Circles” is crazy good and the video is so creative. If your big into Ren stuff, check this out:

Another “M” inspiration comes from “Maestro”, this incredible video short was really well done and gave me more ideas for a children’s piece I’m working on. Watch it here:

Right now I am scrambling to get many things updated, moved to new platforms, and back online. I’m still not satisfied with some of the changes, but I’m making progress. If things go well as planned, 2020 is going to be an insanely awesome year!

As always, thank you for reading,


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