I Cut My Hair, Mardi Gras and Other Things..

Hello Lovelies:

I’ve been so busy, as usual. And historically, this day is a busy one artistically. A brief look back at today’s memories (February 18) showed a dog art opening, prepping for Steampunk art opening, and promoting a gallery opening. Creation continues today, I’m working on a costume for a Jane Austen tea this weekend, and I’ve started rehabbing the dress.

Changes continue as well. When I went to the Pet Parade in the historic Soulard Market with some family and friends (more on that below), we stopped at a local watering hole. I was ready to further unwind, took off my favorite hat, and unfurled my unruly tresses.

My hair was a matted, curly mess, even with a ton of tea tree oil. I had already noticed my hair is thinning (hello, menopause) and I was going to cut it soon. Long hair actually pulls more on the scalp, so shorter I go until I figure out what meds or lasers, etc., I might do. I already got thickening hair fiber powder. I was totally ready to cut.

I actually had to resist cutting it when I got back home from the parade, because well, I’d been drinking. I did a careful detangling instead.

The next morning, I took a good hard look in the mirror, did a little planning and parting. Within five minutes, I had a new cut.

Fun and choppy.

So here’s a vlog on the process. Enjoy my lack of vanity, lol. https://youtu.be/jrtpEemk6OE

Back to Mardi Gras…

The Pet Parade is always amazing! Lots of entertainment, dogs, and other pets strutting their stuff!

My “niece” dog, Luna

Video here:

I wrote up some fun pieces for the Journal last week; you can read about them here:

About Somewhere in Time:

For Hopeless Romantics-A Review and Look Back at “Somewhere in Time”

About Steampunk 5 Art Exhibit:

St. Louis Steampunk 5

FREE BOOKS: And a quick reminder, “A Dream of Emerald Skies” (digital copy) is available FREE this Sunday, February 23rd, on Amazon! The link is here: A Dream of Emerald Skies: The Young Society Series, v.1 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07X39577B/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_zRltEbV023TYW

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