Masks I Have Worn Pt.1

As Mardi Gras approaches, I decided it was a great time to add a hat to my Etsy store. Actually I’m a working on a few toppers and I’ll be sharing each of them in the next few weeks. This time of year also had me thinking about masks; how wearing them can not only change our looks but our inside emotions as well. I’ll go into more depth on this in a future blog.

In the meantime enjoy the creation of this Mardi Gras Top Hat. Each hat becomes a little production with its own photo shoot. I like to mix in a unique hairstyle and makeup in the photos. This can sound a little vain, taking a lot of selfies. To me, it’s art. I create a character to match the fashion. First two pics are of the initial make-up I wore to work at the costume/party shop. I found the wig (California Costume) at the shop; it was a keeper. The mask is courtesy of Johnnie Brock’s.


This second group was taken later that evening with the hat. The hat is really traditional New Orleans Mardi Gras opulent with a harlequin and his marching staff holding court from the top. A silver and gold mini mask sets on the front brim. An ornate fluer de lis and crown counterbalance the back side.

FrontFleur detail

Qtr View Back  Mask Detail

I touched up my makeup with kewpie doll cupid’s bow lips (OK, too much pouting on my part) and traditional Mardi Gras colors for t eyes: purple, green and gold.


I really enjoyed the finished product. I hope you do too!



Pt. 2 coming soon with more fun photos. Thank you for reading,



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