Full Moon Creativity

Hello Lovelies:

With the Super Blue Blood Moon and me being a creative nut in general, I have been cranking out an unbelievable amount of work.

So let’s take a quick look at what’s been going on…

First the moon, it was a “super” rare event, so I got up at 6:45 am to check it out, but it was too cloudy here. So I turned on the tv and the stream online:

After a few minutes, I went to bed. After all Creativity needs dreams and sleep.

From the writer side:

1) A new read is up on YouTube from Strax and the Widow:

2) I did a blog and vlog for Steampunk Hands Around the World on the Eads Bridge:

Blog here:


Vlog here:

Follow all the Steampunk Hands Around the World Adventures during the month of February here on Facebook:


3) My piece for Steampunk Cavaliers, “my first Steampunk” is here:


4) Also working on a series of history and other bits for a certain steampunk publication. Pieces TBA soon!!!

5) Recently saw/rented a few movies for inspiration: the Dress Maker, The Magnificent Seven and Winchester.

6) Made a visit to Campbell House here in St. Louis for future creations and more inspiration. More pics coming, but in the meantime enjoy this:

Several interviews and guest blogs also coming soon!!!

From the visual/other art:

I’ve sold a bunch of stuff in the Etsy store, so I’ve stuffed it with MORE masks and more unique items! Great pieces for Mardi Gras and gifts for Valentine’s Day! I’ve raised my mask game ladies and gentlemen. Check it out here:


A visual sampling:

And yes, there are still more things I’m working on for the Etsy store, writing, and upcoming shows. Watch this space, 2018 is going to be magical!

As always, thank you for reading!



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Steampunk Hands Around the World, The Eads Bridge, St. Louis, MO

Hello Lovelies:

This month I am happy to guest blog for the Steampunk Hands Around the World event.

Today’s trip leads us to the Eads Bridge in St. Louis, MO.

If you were a steampunk coming into a real or imagined St. Louis from the Eastern United States in the late 1800’s, you would have undoubtedly crossed the Eads Bridge.

Eads Bridge is named for James Eads, a brilliant engineer and businessman who designed the bridge in 1867.  At the end of the Civil War, St. Louis was fighting to become the continued gateway to the west. The booming city was still competing with large Midwestern cities like Chicago and fighting the steamboat industry for a piece of the national transportation pie. It was said a bridge over the Mississippi River would be imperative to St. Louis’ survival.

With support from Andrew Carnegie, construction began on the steel and stone bridge in February 1868. It was created in ways that had never been attempted before. Trains, horse and buggy carts and eventually cable cars would use the bridge. Two enormous pneumatic caissons sunk below the muddy Mississippi to bedrock. They were the largest ever built and sunk to depths never reached before. This resulted in the first mass outbreaks of “the bends” or decompression sickness. During the construction of the bridge, 15 workers died, 2 were left disabled for life and 77 injured.

But two massive stone piers rose from the river and became the base for a cantilever method of support. Massive arched beams soon connected the piers and the shorelines.  Yet the steamboat industry and the Army Corps of Engineers still declared it unsafe even as the bridge was nearing completion. Eads called in a favor to President Ulysses S. Grant to overrule the Corp, and on June 14, 1874, an elephant strolled a “test walk” across the bridge to prove that it was safe. Two weeks later Eads sent 14 locomotives back and forth across the bridge at one time.

The bridge was completed before the famous Tower Bridge in London. It spans 6,442 ft. with a width of 46 ft. The center span reaches 520 feet and has been high and wide enough for planes to fly under its clearance of 88 ft.

Many businesses thrived and new buildings sprung up along the waterfront including the old Switzer Licorice Factory. Ironically the factory’s upper floors collapsed during a freak thunderstorm in 2006 and scattered bricks and mortar onto the bridge.

It has survived harsh winters where the mighty Mississippi froze over enough to allow people to walk across the massive span of water. Flood waters have risen around it countless times including the Flood of 1993. And it resisted the horrific tornado of May 27, 1896 which roared through St. Louis, Missouri and East St. Louis, Illinois, killing and injuring hundreds of people. Damage to the shoreline towers was sustained, but the bridge stayed strong.

Today, a modern steampunk can take the Metrolink Train, drive one of the four lanes, bike, or walk across the bridge. Several lookout points allow pedestrians to look over the water or watch the trains along the riverfront. Once arriving in St. Louis, one can venture into the Landing Entertainment District,  see the oldest church west of the Mississippi, The Old Cathedral and the Old Courthouse made famous for the Dred Scott decision.  And ironically, adventurous steampunk folk can still book passage on steamboats on the riverfront and take a cruise under the bridge.

Poet Walt Whitman wrote: “I have haunted the river every night lately, where I could get a look at the bridge by moonlight. It is indeed a structure of perfection and beauty unsurpassable, and I never tire of it.”

Photos courtesy of the Missouri History Museum and my own collection. More photos and video footage from the top of the bridge here:

Thank you for reading,


The Countess

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Happy Flooded New Years

Dear Friends:

Please forgive me for the delays, I posted Good and Wicked twice in error, but in the meantime, I learned how to use iMovie which is going to lead to some awesome posts. Which leads me to this post.

I’ve been fortunate that I wasn’t directly affected by the flooding here in my hometown of St. Louis, but I do know a lot of friends and family dealing with the mess. 

The topped out levels are historic. The flood waters closed major highways here for several days, even more so than the Flood of 1993. 

So what does this have to do with steampunk? Well, the Mississippi and the historic Eads Bridge are featured in some of the scenes in my second upcoming novel “Revenge and Machinery” the sequel to “Strax and the Widow”. One character meets an untimely death there, but you’ll have to wait for the book release later this year for details.

So how did this spark my imagination? Since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated with both Victorian and St. Louis history. The Eads Bridge is simply one of the greatest architectural marvels of its time. 

A brief history: it was designed and engineered by James Eads, started in 1868 and completed in 1974. It was the world’s first alloy steel bridge and the first to take trains across the massive stretch of the Mississippi River. The center span was designed with a clearance of eighty-eight feet and three hundred feet wide which was demanded by transportation planners at the time to make way for the riverboat traffic. The bridge is over a third of a mile wide, managing to cover even a flooded Mississippi. Fifteen men died and over seventy-five workers were injured in its construction. Much more history can be found on the Missouri Historical Society and National Park Service websites. I culled most of the information from them including this photo from its construction:  

This fine structure has been in the background of several of my shoots from the roof of my building. Please see my previous blog Full Moon Fever, for some of these views.

As for now here’s a few shots taken on New Year’s Day:

Also, I’m now finally uploading items to YouTube. So here you can see the mighty Mississippi in action!

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More on history of the Eads Bridge is here:


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Happy New Year! As always, thank you for reading.


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