Please Don’t Blame the Fantasy or the Dreamers

I was going to write a completely different post today, but the tragedy in Colorado has commanded me to write something different. Today in the early morning hours, a murderer ended the lives of 12 and seriously injured over 70 people. I am not going to mention this hideous creature’s name as almost everyone knows that this sick bastard is getting off on all this attention. I sincerely hope that the police have him in isolation; denying him anything but his basic right to an attorney, but especially any access to the media that would feed his paranoia and insanity.

I am sincerely sorry and express my grief and condolences to all those who have lost friends and famiy members. This criminal attempted to steal things we all deserve; a moment to get away from it all, time to fantasize, escapism, and dreams. While I know that many will point out that fictional violence will propagate real violence, I hope that this will not stifle those that create Science Fiction or Fantasy entertainment. Comics, games, movies, graphic novels and books allow people to explore worlds and themes that make us laugh, cry, and aspire to be something different. Maybe even a hero. In most of this entertainment, good almost always wins over evil even if our hero or heroine is a little fractured or imperfect in other ways.

Real violence is never the answer. Having heard someone get shot and killed was not high on my list of things I wanted to hear before I die. But that’s exactly what happened to me last summer. I believe in the right bear arms, but there is in no need for assaulting people without provocation. Everyone should have the right to self defense. I know responsible hunters and gun owners; they are as repelled by this massacre as much as anyone else I know. Guns don’t kill people and neither does fantasy.

The irony of all this is that people who engage in healthy dreaming, fantasy and role play are actually less violent because the escapism these activities provide allows people to blow off steam, to relax, and most importantly be social. Almost all of these shooters in violent incidents are loners.  And this man’s fantasies were obviously from a brain that did not function like most of us. This was a sick, sick person.

So please don’t blame the fantasy, creators and entertainers. And certainly don’t let this incident kill your dreams.