Masks I Have Worn Pt. 3

Welcome to Pt. 3 of this blog. My Mardi Gras inspired mask wasn’t ready for the big Fat Tuesday parade, but it did turn out quite nicely. The process started simply enough; I had a base mask, I added more feathers and started adding embellishments. About halfway through, I realized I needed to add more silver to balance out some of the embroidery. So I added some silver paint to the “a bit to yellow for me feathers” and some silver gears.  I was pleased with results. I sealed all the gears and paint with two coats of Polymer Medium Gloss. Those sweet pieces won’t come off unless you break them off. I finished the back side with some simple gold duct tape to protect the back side of the feathers and wiring for the lights. From the drawing board, lights on, and mask alone shoot:

GM 14GM 26GM 23GM 27GM 5

I was then ready for the real shoot. First, the standard makeup, wig and lighting tests. I did want to wear a really unusual color wig wise to make the mask stand out after testing my makeup “glam shot” style first.

GM 19GM 7GM 8

GM 20GM 12GM 9

GM 15

Tested the weight of the mask and then some silliness ensued:

GM 10GM 13GM 11


Then for the serious shots for my Etsy store. A first few without the wig:

GM 1GM 21

Then add the sharp contrast wit the wig:

GM 28GM 25GM 17GM 4

I really enjoyed working with this series, I hope you enjoy the photos. The next mask for Pt. 4 was previewed a bit ago and took me in a whole different direction. I’m wrapping up the final touches on it and it’s story now. Bookmark this blog for the update. 🙂

A few quick notes on some great upcoming works:

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2. CORRECTION: In my “Let Them Eat Cake” blog I noted that my “Spirit of St. Louis” sculpture was going to be at Creve Coeur Lake. I was given the wrong location information unfortunately. My piece will be placed at Soldier’s Memorial in downtown St. Louis instead. I have to say, despite the error, I am actually more satisfied with this location. It’s only ten blocks from my apartment and the Memorial should make for a perfect backdrop for the photo session I have in mind.

3. Coming soon to my Fine Art America and CafePress shops, the best of my steam works on cosplay cards, tees, etc.

Thank you for your support and reading!



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