When Life Imitates Art

I recently met my vampire. Really. Someone who embodied my main character Will the Vampire before he met Emma, the love of his undead life that changed him forever. And like Will, he broke my heart a little, at least temporarily. Please note this blog contains some scenes/language that might offend some readers, but hang with me for a bit.

In my series “The Vampire’s Little Black Book” I wanted to explore what makes an undead tick. Through Will’s adventures and flashbacks the reader learns that he’s pretty much a stud, a philanderer, even before he’s changed. From “Thirty-three Forever” v.6:

The day of my change had started like any other. I had overslept after a night of reckless carousing. I awoke with not one, but two ladies of the evening, still in my bed. Only a blinding noonday sun drove me from a drunken slumber. I sleepily ran my hands over the naked bodies of last night’s lovelies. One awoke with a naughty smile. I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. This would be the last time I would kiss a woman as a full blooded human.

Will is pretty much, well, a player. And it gets worse after he is changed, as Will admits in “Creating Anna”, v.5

But who was I to judge. I’d been a hellion in my younger years, even before I had been turned. I had been with scores of women of all kinds. I reveled in their beauty, their wealth and passions. I hurt some of them badly; I was quite the cad. I took other men’s wives, girlfriends, daughters, and even someone’s mother. I had bedded some, devoured some, and sometimes did both without care or responsibility.

A few months ago, I would have never believed that I would meet someone like this in the real world. Then I discovered a man I’ll only call “G” and my life suddenly imitated my art.

I mean, I have met opportunists before. Will is very loosely based on a real doc I know (for the medical parts only), people I met in the bar scene when I used to dance all night and one very bad dating experience in my early 20’s. Things are different now. I’m wiser. I’m a cougar. I usually lead with confidence. That’s what I thought…

So when G. messaged me on FB this summer about working on some book and collaborative ideas, my guard was down and my creative juices were up. I was writing and creating every spare moment I had. He was attractive, smart, and funny. But he was half my age. I put the cougar leanings away even though I wanted to pounce. I was in a state of employment flux, getting fired from a job, looking for a new one, hating the new job, and finally doing a creative retail job so I could continue doing my art. I was distracted.

But fast forward to November, G. started messaging, which lead to texting, which lead to flirting, which lead to some serious attraction when he showed up at my work. I was flattered. He was hot in a kilt. My inner cougar roared loudly, almost uncomfortably so. Then Ferguson happened.

The city I love exploded in chaos. I worried for G. Only hours after I’d met him in person, he was called into service through the Guard. I worried. I pined worse than the main characters in Jane Austen novels. And I had to work all Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend. I was fried and I jokingly put out a FB post for a rescue. Of course G. offered (big into the Ren scene). Finally after an ice storm on Monday, things calmed a bit.

By Tuesday I was craving normalcy. G. had been checking in on me. But something wasn’t right, just couldn’t put my finger on it. We began a marathon evening of texting, which turned into well, intimate fascination is how I’ll put it. Then suddenly silence.

I had to check FB, I hadn’t really been on much. Apparently during our texting G. received a post from his fiancee. Yeah, you read that right, like marriage is imminent. My response was pretty much WTF? But I didn’t panic. I thought clearly. I messaged someone with some info (nope won’t revel a source). After a few lengthy messages, I had scoop and proof. G. was a catfish. A player. Lies. Pink songs started going through my head. Dump text and message sent.  One pissed off post on FB made. Why hadn’t I listened to my intuition?

As I sat on the couch still in shock, I realized that G. was Will my vampire before he meets Emma. How ironic that just a few weeks ago I was starting on one of the new volumes of the vamp series titled “The Cougar”? And more irony that only a couple hours before, G. joked about me writing him into one of my stories. Mind blown.

I managed to sleep despite being pissed. Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” was the first song in my head this morning: You chewed me up and spit me out like I was poison in your mouth. NOOO kidding. I still have no idea what was real, but I got played. I’d been taken by a real human vampire.

What is interesting though is Will himself gets played as in “Do You Hear My Heart Beating?” v.7:

On most nights during our affair I would feed before heading to the Woodbridge manor. But one day a few sailors had become very ill. The plague had invaded their ship. I decided to extend a little undead mercy and I ended their lives quickly. So I was sated by the early evening and I went to see the Lady a bit prematurely. When I approached her balcony I heard voices. One was the Lady, the other a male, but not Lord Woodbridge. I eavesdropped as another lover spoke elegant words to her. She giggled delightfully in response. I listened as he made love to her. I watched as he left. He was a young soldier, tall and strong. I wanted to kill him, but could I blame him?

Was I not as bad as he? Suddenly I realized my favorite plaything had been taken by someone else. I was furious as I entered her chamber. She stood naked at her basin, wiping off any trace of her other lover. Her stunned expression revealed everything. My Lady was no longer mine.

“William?” she whimpered. She no longer resisted me. Instead she was begging for forgiveness. She stepped towards me. “I was just washing up.” She lied. I wanted to kill her. I had to leave, right then. If it were possible, my eyes penetrated her soul with hate.

“Why are you lying to me?” My voice echoed with anger.

“I am sorry.” She winced, tried to cover herself and stepped back. I could hardly stand to look at her.

“How many others are there? Are you so bereft that you must fuck every knave in town save for your Lord?” I was vicious. My Lady had become like a common whore. Gone was the enchantment, the sweetness. To be taken by one who does not own you is thrilling. To be taken by more than one is deviant. What should I expect though? I’d promised her nothing other than I’d be back to sleep with her again.

How funny that I’d written what I now felt almost seven months ago? Gone was the enchantment, the sweetness. I would imagine at some point this will happen to G., if it hasn’t already. It’s late afternoon and I’ve moved on. It’s a beautiful day and there is art to be made, more creative words to be written.

I still believe in love. He doesn’t have to be a white knight on a fine steed. I still believe that there is a soul mate for me. I’m glad that Will my vampire does too. From “Creating Anna”, v.5:

Despite my wicked ways, I had redeemed myself through one human. A woman, who would become one of the most valiant and honorable vampires known on this planet; I had sired Anna.

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