Derby Time, Works In Progress

Another from my series of WIPs, Works In Progess. These are going in the Etsy store, where I just got another 5 Star review! The Derby hats below are here:

Ready for the Derby? It’s just a few weeks away. Just refreshed these in the Etsy store, had to remake one of these beauties after one sold. Please take a gander:


As always, thank you for reading,


Upcoming events/sales:

-“A  Midsummer’s Nights Steam”, a steampunk art installation opens Friday June 5th, 6pm, 1900 Park Creative Space, St. Louis, MO

-A new photo/comic book/essay “The Heroine” is coming soon to Amazon/Kindle. Sorry for the delay, working out a few kinks.

-THE LADY HAS ARRIVED AT HER DESTINATION-“Strax and the Widow” is an ebook on Amazon/Kindle AND IS ON SALE FOR $.99 THROUGH MAY 1st. Please take a peek, enjoy and review on amazon and goodreads! The sequel, “Revenge and Machinery” is coming soon! All of The Vampire’s Little Black Book Series stories are on sale for only $.99 as well. My amazon author page link:


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Another Vampire Birthday and a Book SALE!

I missed an important birthday last month. Will, my vampire turned two on Valentine’s Day! How could I forget? Well I was in the midst of several large art project proposals, my first art show of the year and Mardi Gras madness.

Which reminds me, a big thank you to all who came out to The Heavy Anchor last week and bought art from all the artists and crafters. We really appreciate your business.

And thank you to all who’ve purchased my books and stories on amazon/kindle. Will the vampire is gearing up for new adventures as I prepare the next chapters of his undead life. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I’ve published “The Long Moonlight”, v.1 of The Vampire’s Little Black Book Series. I’m also working on the sequel to “Strax and the Widow”, the adventures of my steampunk heroine, Kate Church. I hope to have “Revenge and Machinery”, the 2nd of The Society Series trilogy, out before summertime and featured in my steampunk art installation. So while you for wait for my latest literary gems, I’m celebrating Will’s birthday with a $.99 sale on all my books through May 1st. So if you haven’t had a chance to download my tomes, please take a gander via the link below:

PLEASE NOTE: my website, phone number and email are STILL down for just a few more days as I upgrade my systems.

Another big THANK YOU, The Haute Hen Etsy store has hit over 8,000 views! I am humbled and thrilled. Thank you for supporting my art in all its forms. You can copy and past the link below to see my latest pieces in store. But don’t wait too long, after April 1st, I will be pulling some of the inventory to put in the steampunk show. Which brings me to my events. I’d love it if you could drop by…


I will have a steampunk art installation/show, “A Midsummer Night’s Steam” during the month of June here in St. Louis with opening weekend starting June 5th-7th at Create Space, 1900 Park, in conjunction with the Lafayette Square House Tour. Please watch this space for more details!

I have been selected as a featured artist at the AKC Museum of the Dog hear in St. Louis and will have an art opening for the weekend of July 25th-26th. Again more details are forthcoming.

Next blog will return to more adventures, artistic musings and creativity. As always, thank you for reading,




A Proper Mardi Gras Topper

Note: edited again to include the new YouTube link for this blog here:

Note: I made a couple edits to this blog today, 2/18/15. I had a technical issue with the link that has now been fixed and this blog has been corrected. Thank you for your patience and as always, for reading,


For those that follow my blog, you know that I am absolutely crazy about hats. My newly finished creation is a lovely top hat with a definite New Orleans Fleur de Lis flavor and Neo-Victorian steampunk style.

I started with a basic tall black top hat. I added fabric from a jacket I bought and actually wore to work over 15 years ago.



I found a nifty knob on a steep discount at a craft store. I liked the Fleur de Lis motif. I thought it would be fun to be able to pull the hat off and on by it. I choose another fleur for the backside.



I added wired ribbon, tulle, plumes, and an antique key as elegant touches.

IMG_2575 Continue reading

Getting Wiggy With It and Changes

I have eight wigs, none of which of are real human hair. Now that I’m working for a costume/Halloween store full time, I have access to even more strands of colorful delight.

Last month I decided I was done with the rat race, the nine to five.  I quit a new day job I’d only had for six weeks. Although the pay was good and it was in my field,  some things I was promised at the onset didn’t evolve. I had just been through seven years of that madness in my previous employment. I’d decided I wasn’t going to go through another seven years of not being happy and broken promises.  So I quit and went full time to a fun job that will also allow me to write and create more. I was ready to make a leap of faith, ready to change.

It’s put another delay in finishing “Strax and the Widow”, but I am much happier and less stressed.

I find inspiration everywhere in the shop, in all the fun costumes and accessories.  I love the endless styles of wigs.  They too help me to change. I’m happy to share a bit of the selection here. Enjoy, I’ll keep you posted on the nifty things coming soon. And note I have reduced prices for a pre-Halloween sale in my Etsy store, so please take a gander.

CCB2BMy newest and second favorite wig, in Mardi Gras colors. A little steampunked Joker cosplay.


GM 9GM 4My oldest wig, over 15 years old, first worn at Cardinals games. Used most recently for a mask photo shoot.



A bit pensive.Wig test and a smile.I have to say this is now my favorite wig. I love the antique blue look and the ringlets.

Steam White

 My real hair, although heavily lightened in these two pics.

Cover of Everyone Looks Better Undead.

Cover of Everyone Looks Better Undead.


And then some style. Day of the Dead IndeedAnd some roses.A black wig under the veil and under the hat below.

Fire Feather Hat 1

Austin and Fat (479x487)

Doing my best Foxxy Cleopatra at the premiere of Austin Powers “Goldmember” in a fine afro.


An Amy Winehouse bouffant black wig.


The second use of the red bob wig. I jumped out of that coffin for three hours.

I hope you enjoyed this retrospective of my wigs. Thank you for reading,



The latest “The Vampire’s Little Black Book” series volume 8, “Everyone Looks Better Undead” by Victoria L. Szulc is available on amazon/kindle.

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-A new photo/comic book/essay “The Heroine” is coming soon to Amazon/Kindle.

-“Strax and the Widow” will debut this summer on Amazon/Kindle.



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An Unexpected Start of Summer and Let Them Eat Cake Pt. 2

I can’t say my start to summer was completely unexpected, but some good and bad things happened right off the bat. Let’s get the bad out of the way first. I lost my full time job. For those that know me personally, this has been torture. It had been unreliable for a long, long time; years really. I have been buried in paperwork for insurance, job hunting, unemployment, etc. I think after almost a month of this I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Right now, I have a roof overhead, food to eat and a lot of support.

On the good side, once this paperwork is through, I have a clean slate and I can work on my creative projects. “Strax and the Widow” is going through my beta readers now. It’s my first full fledged novel. I am so excited to finally release it soon. I am looking forward to a summer of working on its sequels and creative projects.


I’ll be posting updates frequently on my Facebook page, The Countess Official Fanpage of Victoria L. Schultz.

I made what hopes to be my annual trip to the Gypsy Caravan on Memorial Day, an annual flea market that supports the St. Louis Symphony. I found $10 on the ground right after a friend and I passed through the entry gate, which covered my entry fee. Made some neat cheap but gorgeous finds that will most likely appear on some of my upcoming millinery pieces. Please watch my Etsy store for new stuff arriving soon. Which means some old stuff will need to go, so some sales coming!

One project that’s completed and on display is my STL250 Cakeway to the West sculpture, “The Spirit of St. Louis”. It is at Soldier’s Memorial downtown. Their link is I was honored to attend the Memorial Day services with many veterans from the local American Legion Posts. Please visit! The museum is FREE, but they take donations. There are pictures below. This is how summer SHOULD be started.


Thank you for reading,


The latest “The Vampire’s Little Black Book” series volume 8, “Everyone Looks Better Undead” by Victoria L. Szulc is now available on amazon/kindle.

Product Details

-A new photo/comic book/essay “The Heroine” is coming soon to Amazon/Kindle.

-”Strax and the Widow” will debut this summer on Amazon/Kindle.

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Masks I Have Worn (Well a Hat really) Pt.2

Hello and welcome to part 2 of this blog. I got pretty excited about this last hat, but I can’t keep it.  It’s available for purchase in my Etsy store. I wanted to make a matching mask in time for Mardi Gras but it’s still in creation mode. I did take a few more photos, this time with different lighting and makeup. And I did want to show off the blue wig. It’s now a favorite in my collection; how did I end up with seven wigs? That sounds like a future blog.
Anyhow, please enjoy this last set of photos, all taken selfie style with my iPhone 4s. First I did a make-up/lighting/wig test:

Eye makeup detail.Lip detail, gold gloss.Low light makeup test.Semi-low light makeup test.

Wig test and a smile. Side view wig test and another smile.

I think this group came out fairly well considering I had a bunch of pimples and a bit of a head cold. So then I brought in the hat and added some emotion:

Best shot of whole hat. Thoughtfulness. Gratitude. Baudy laughter. A bit pensive. That is one tall topper!

I hope to have this series and others from previous shoots available for purchase soon. I’ve also got some really interesting pieces in the works: volumes 9 & 10 of “The Vampire’s Little Black Book” series, the aforementioned mask (an in process pic below), a serious blog on masks with yes, more pictures and a super awesome pictorial, and last but certainly not least, my first full steampunk novel, “Strax and the Widow” should go to press this summer.

The mask in process:

Gold Mask in process.

Thank you for your support and reading, Happy Mardi Gras!



The latest “The Vampire’s Little Black Book” series volume 8, “Everyone Looks Better Undead” by Victoria L. Szulc is now available on amazon/kindle.

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Happy New Years 2014 and More Random Thoughts

Happy New Year 2014 and More Random Thoughts


I wanted to blog in December but got caught up in last minute art and writing projects. V.7 of The Vampire’s Little Black Book Series, “Can You Hear My Heart Beating?” was late, but arrived in time for the holidays. I was thrilled to see that many readers took advantage of my FREE download period. V.8 “Everyone Looks Better Undead” is coming in a few days. Please watch my links (at the bottom of the blog) for updates on my latest releases or find my author page on amazon (Victoria L. Szulc).

Cover shot for "Can You Hear My Heart Beating?"

Cover shot for “Can You Hear My Heart Beating?”

I jotted down some thoughts over the last weeks, enjoy a small trip into my mind.

Jan 1st Random thoughts on this New Years:

-I make a mean bean dip. Yummy.

-I conceived one of the hottest vampires on the planet. 2000+ copies downloaded world-wide, thank you.

-Started the year with a breakup-and survived (2013).

-Mariah Carey was rockin’ some over the elbow gloves tonight.

-They say spend your New Years with someone you’d like to keep around. This year it’s Bobablou, my rabbit.

-My Clockwork Cat is the coolest 3D piece I’ve produced so far. And it fit right into my steam theme.

-Really liked a lot of music, Daft Punk “Get Lucky” was by far my fav song.

-If you’d have told me I’d be in the hospital for the first time my life (long stay, more than a day) with a huge tumor revomal, I’d told you, hey that’s a load of crap. Oh and Frankenavel is gone. New navel is lookin’ good.

New navel.

New navel 1/2014


-Goodbye Frankenavel 7/17/13

-St. James Winery, oh Velvet Red. So then, a toast to you my friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Jan 3rd before the blizzard

Random thoughts for today:


-Leave your pets out in the cold, they’ll be seized. If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pets.

-M-I-Z (they said they couldn’t play in the SEC) Z-O-U (currently kicking butt in the Cotton Bowl!)

-I can barely comprehend that it’ll be 20-30 degrees below wind chill factor by Monday night with 6-10″ of snow. Scott Breihan let me know that Mars is 29 below right now. We’ll be as cold as Mars. Now that’s freakin’ scary.

-I have determined that I will never spill the gooey inside of a Queen Anne’s Cordial ever again. It’s like sticky herpes on the bottom of your feet. You just can’t get rid of it.

-Be safe and stay warm all, happy weekend!

Random thoughts on the snow Jan 5th:

-heck yeah I slept in

-the Arch is somewhere in the picture below

The Arch is in there somewhere.

-on my 2nd cup of yummy tea

-the waves in the 2nd pic below are snow drifts; if I can see them from the 20th floor, they have to be a foot high

The drifts are about a foot high.

The drifts are about a foot high.

-it’s a great day to draw and write about vampires.

Stay safe all!

Ok one more set of random thoughts unless anything super interesting happens:

-it’s snowing 1-2″ an hour

-I forgot how good pizza rolls are

-my rabbit Bobalou looked out the window and gave me one of those WTF? looks

-Sean White looks good with his hair cut short.

-I heard some of my neighbors laughing on their balcony, for about 30 seconds

-Everytime someone has posted how many inches they’ve got, I chuckle “that’s what she said”

-There are now snow drifts on my neighbors balconies, about a half foot.

-Hidden Valley, the local ski resort is closed.

-And the school closings for tomorrow have started.

-last cup of caffeinated tea!

-One more thought, you know it’s bad when they’re canceling church services and hockey games.

Thank you as always for reading. I have a lot of big projects in the works. “Adventures abound and romance is to be had.”  Also new items in the Etsy store!

Yep, it's for sale.

Yep, it’s for sale.

Fire Feather Hat 1


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