Dear Readers:

Some big announcements:

I can’t believe it’s been a week since Big River. It took hours to unpack the basics. I still have to go through bags of costumes and items to sell and for two upcoming shows. 

And I have more pics and info to share from Big River.

But first, I had to decompress. I was and still am, somewhat tired. I’ve napped almost every day this week after work. 
Which leads me to the changes I’ve made. 

1) I am leaving the Dungeon after nine years. I started as a seasonal employee, went to part time and then full time in 2014 when I couldn’t take another ounce of corporate America. I start at the Vintage Haberdashery in a few days. I’ll miss the Dungeon, but I get some Halloween time and events in return. I also get the chance to narrow my focus to Vintage clothing and some Ren, Victorian, and Steampunk costume creations for the store. And it’s time to get writing again. Which brings me to..

2) Will the Vampire is returning. Yep. Finally. I’m working on the edits for the 10 story compilation to debut in October. More details to come.

But for now, my mind and body need restoration. No amount of pretty please, or misplaced guilt could keep me from the pool and the rooftop this weekend. 

Today’s swim was a little cold, but I didn’t care. I needed the feel the smooth waters tickling my skin. To watch some of summer’s last sunsets. 

I’ve felt badly for those suffering from the earthquakes, fires, and hurricanes because the weather here has been stunning. 

Yesterday’s sunset was astonishing. I put it live on FB. Here’s a few sunset selfies and views of the skyline: 

Today, I couldn’t resist another live sunset and selfies:

As always, thank you for reading,


*9/15, Rock, Shop and Glow Festival, 5-8pm, Webster University.

*9/23, Broken Hearts Ball in the Fall! Since Strange Folk Festival pulled out of Lafayette Square, myself and some fun artist friends will do a one night event at 1900 Park to replace it. There will be a fashion show, costume contest, and entertainment! More details soon!

*11/11, Live Draw at the AKC Museum of the Dog

*12/2017 Lafayette Square Holiday Parlor Tour

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The Facebook Quandry

Dear Friends:

Facebook continues to frustrate me to no end. I stopped requesting likes for my two pro pages months ago. Ditto for trying to do contests or promos due to archaic policies.

Now they are limiting the amount of friends you can invite to events. I’m almost wanting to chuck it completely. So I’m asking you to please follow me at any of my other media links at the bottom. If this bothers you as well, you may want to look at this petition:

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Facebook is still too big to quit, but believe me, I’ll continue to post other places as well until they either change or something better comes along.

Meanwhile, today was another gorgeous day in the Lou. The pics below are not a rerun of ones I posted a few weeks ago. They are new and lovely. They inspire me on a day I was home crafting and creating. Enjoy!

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