Getting Wiggy With It and Changes

I have eight wigs, none of which of are real human hair. Now that I’m working for a costume/Halloween store full time, I have access to even more strands of colorful delight.

Last month I decided I was done with the rat race, the nine to five.  I quit a new day job I’d only had for six weeks. Although the pay was good and it was in my field,  some things I was promised at the onset didn’t evolve. I had just been through seven years of that madness in my previous employment. I’d decided I wasn’t going to go through another seven years of not being happy and broken promises.  So I quit and went full time to a fun job that will also allow me to write and create more. I was ready to make a leap of faith, ready to change.

It’s put another delay in finishing “Strax and the Widow”, but I am much happier and less stressed.

I find inspiration everywhere in the shop, in all the fun costumes and accessories.  I love the endless styles of wigs.  They too help me to change. I’m happy to share a bit of the selection here. Enjoy, I’ll keep you posted on the nifty things coming soon. And note I have reduced prices for a pre-Halloween sale in my Etsy store, so please take a gander.

CCB2BMy newest and second favorite wig, in Mardi Gras colors. A little steampunked Joker cosplay.


GM 9GM 4My oldest wig, over 15 years old, first worn at Cardinals games. Used most recently for a mask photo shoot.



A bit pensive.Wig test and a smile.I have to say this is now my favorite wig. I love the antique blue look and the ringlets.

Steam White

 My real hair, although heavily lightened in these two pics.

Cover of Everyone Looks Better Undead.

Cover of Everyone Looks Better Undead.


And then some style. Day of the Dead IndeedAnd some roses.A black wig under the veil and under the hat below.

Fire Feather Hat 1

Austin and Fat (479x487)

Doing my best Foxxy Cleopatra at the premiere of Austin Powers “Goldmember” in a fine afro.


An Amy Winehouse bouffant black wig.


The second use of the red bob wig. I jumped out of that coffin for three hours.

I hope you enjoyed this retrospective of my wigs. Thank you for reading,



The latest “The Vampire’s Little Black Book” series volume 8, “Everyone Looks Better Undead” by Victoria L. Szulc is available on amazon/kindle.

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Jewels from the Painted Ladies

At the Lafayette Square House tour, I picked of some fabulous jewels. These aren’t the standard kind of  “jewels” you might be thinking of. Instead, they are pieces from the Victorian houses of Lafayette Square. Specifically, they are key hole plates from the locks of the doors and frames.

On my jaunt to the Lafayette House tour (mentioned in the blog before this) I wrote of running past the antique market and stopping at one certain vendor. I was stunned at the beauty of the key plates he had obtained after rehabbing many of the painted ladies in the neighborhood. I bought a few.


I was pleasantly stunned at their detail and knew immediately I’d use them for jewelry. I found some great belt clasps at the Gypsy Caravan a couple weeks before. I suddenly had matches made in Steampunk jewelry heaven, as seen here on my drawing/craft board:


I was particularly enraptured with dual key hole plate. It has a rotating cover that was stuck with rust, dirt and grime. After some careful cleaning and oiling, I was able to make it operational again. It became the center piece of the dual keyhole necklace below. I added some chain, gears and an antique looking time piece for a really stunning necklace. This one might be a keeper!


Checking the lay of the chain and pieces.


An antique belt closure I chose for the clasp.


Time piece detail. Note, this is not an antique; I picked it up at a craft store. However, I felt like it fit the necklace perfectly.


The amazing dual key hole plate with rotating cover.

The finished product is stunning!



I used another, smaller, simpler plate to make a second necklace. I again paired it with an antique belt clasp, but this time I used ribbon for a more genteel look.


Antique belt closure used for the clasp.


The key hole plate is the centerpiece of the design.


I added some gears and a sweet little crown trinket.

Again, the results were lovely.



Both pieces will be available for viewing and purchase as part of the CAM Open Studios tour at The London Tea Room, 3128 Morganford on Sunday 6/29/14, from 11am-5pm. I will have many drawings, paintings and artistic gift items available as well. Some sample items starting at $1! Would love to see you there.

Please follow me on my social media and web links below.

Thank you for reading,


The latest “The Vampire’s Little Black Book” series volume 8, “Everyone Looks Better Undead” by Victoria L. Szulc is available on amazon/kindle.

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Comic Con STL Part 2-Con, Cars and Cosplay!

Welcome to part 2 of this blog of For this segment, I wanted to share the other parts of the Comic Con including the vendor room, a whole bunch of cosplayers and of course, the Costume Contest!

I had worked the Cosplay Circuit booth on Friday, so by Saturday I was chomping at the bit to see the show and dress up. My Steampunked/Mardi Gras’d Joker revealed:


With Lady Loki, Karen Simoncelli-Stone. My wig, Leg Ave. Jacket, Rubies c/o Johnnie Brock’s Dungeon. More on Lady Loki a bit further on…


So then off to the vendor room. Stopped by the Full Moon Features booth to say hi to a good friend, Dave Dyer of Dyer Straights Productions. I was hypnotized by all kinds of items.


Lightsabers! Sabers by Ultra Sabers. And more eight tentacled friends from


Saturday and Sunday afternoon was filled with cosplayers!





Thor cosplayer and costume contest judge Ryan Frye stopped by. He was just as charming and strong as Thor!



Even my vampire “Will” showed up; my vamp model, actor/writer, Patrick Renfrow and his family. FYI, wife Casidee Renfrow is in the online contest, hint, hint…



Amazing cars from the 1960’s Batman, the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazard and the Monte Carlo from Breaking Bad were there.


But the best moments belong to the Saturday night Cosplay Costume Contest. DJ Aflex pumped up the crowd at the start. Spontaneous dancing transpired. Even Elmo and the Cookie Monster got in on the action!


Close to 200 participants walked the stage, but in the end, the best of the best were announced including honorable mentions from each of the four judges (just a sampling pictured here):



Lady Loki won best in her category female villain. My reaction, I screamed like a five year old that had her candy stolen! Way to go Karen!



And for the second year in a row, Captain Jack Sparrow won Best in Show!

For a complete list of winners see Wizard World Comic Con St. Louis 2014. They will be returning to St. Louis in 2015, May 15-17.

PLEASE vote for any of the cosplayers in the online Cosplay Circcuit contest- search for this link on Facebook: Cosplay Circuit Digital Hall Awards – St. Louis

Thank you for reading, and for my likes on Facebook; I recently hit 200 and some prizes will be given out soon!



The latest “The Vampire’s Little Black Book” series volume 8, “Everyone Looks Better Undead” by Victoria L. Szulc is now available on amazon/kindle.

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Comic Con STL Part 1-Steampunked

This is the first part of a two part blog on an awesome weekend with Wizard World Comic Con St. Louis 2014. I really wanted to go after missing it last year to go to an urelated show out of town. As I was a little short on the entry fee, I volunteered to be a part of the Cosplay Circuit, or basically the online costume contest through Facebook. I spent about half the weekend taking pics of some fantastic costumes and cosplayers. Good show everyone!

I did have a little time to do some exploring around the show and my own cosplay. But for this first part of the blog I’d just like to share some photos of my Steampunked Joker and some of the Steampunks that showed up for the event.

Here is my makeup and wig test shots before going to the show on Saturday.

Eye Make Up Full Make UpWig

Wig-Leg Avenue


The Steampunk Panel including Joshua Hart and Steampunk Boba Fett.

Steampunk PanelSteampunk Panel 2Steampunk Boba Fett


A friend, Julie Wilhelm debuting a new character.



Josh Thompson and Erin Howat. Erin would go on to win an honorable mention in the live Cosplay Costume Contest.



Various other Steampunks with all kinds of great gear!



One of my favorite vendors had little fun Octopus! Courtesy of



If you would like to vote for any of the cosplayers in the online Cosplay Circcuit contest search for this link on Facebook: Cosplay Circuit Digital Hall Awards – St. Louis

Thank you for reading, part two coming later this week. Also a quick thank you for my likes on Facebook; I recently hit 200 and some prizes will be given out soon!



The latest “The Vampire’s Little Black Book” series volume 8, “Everyone Looks Better Undead” by Victoria L. Szulc is now available on amazon/kindle.

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-A new photo/comic book/essay “The Heroine” is coming soon to Amazon/Kindle.

-“Strax and the Widow” will debut this summer on Amazon/Kindle.

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Masks I Have Worn Pt. 3

Welcome to Pt. 3 of this blog. My Mardi Gras inspired mask wasn’t ready for the big Fat Tuesday parade, but it did turn out quite nicely. The process started simply enough; I had a base mask, I added more feathers and started adding embellishments. About halfway through, I realized I needed to add more silver to balance out some of the embroidery. So I added some silver paint to the “a bit to yellow for me feathers” and some silver gears.  I was pleased with results. I sealed all the gears and paint with two coats of Polymer Medium Gloss. Those sweet pieces won’t come off unless you break them off. I finished the back side with some simple gold duct tape to protect the back side of the feathers and wiring for the lights. From the drawing board, lights on, and mask alone shoot:

GM 14GM 26GM 23GM 27GM 5

I was then ready for the real shoot. First, the standard makeup, wig and lighting tests. I did want to wear a really unusual color wig wise to make the mask stand out after testing my makeup “glam shot” style first.

GM 19GM 7GM 8

GM 20GM 12GM 9

GM 15

Tested the weight of the mask and then some silliness ensued:

GM 10GM 13GM 11


Then for the serious shots for my Etsy store. A first few without the wig:

GM 1GM 21

Then add the sharp contrast wit the wig:

GM 28GM 25GM 17GM 4

I really enjoyed working with this series, I hope you enjoy the photos. The next mask for Pt. 4 was previewed a bit ago and took me in a whole different direction. I’m wrapping up the final touches on it and it’s story now. Bookmark this blog for the update. 🙂

A few quick notes on some great upcoming works:

1. The whole “The Vampire’s Little Black Book” series on amazon/kindle will be FREE to download this weekend, March 22-23, 2014. New adventures of Will the vampire are forthcoming, but enjoy catching up on my favorite vamp’s past. Please share with your friends. My amazon link (please copy and paste into your browser):

2. CORRECTION: In my “Let Them Eat Cake” blog I noted that my “Spirit of St. Louis” sculpture was going to be at Creve Coeur Lake. I was given the wrong location information unfortunately. My piece will be placed at Soldier’s Memorial in downtown St. Louis instead. I have to say, despite the error, I am actually more satisfied with this location. It’s only ten blocks from my apartment and the Memorial should make for a perfect backdrop for the photo session I have in mind.

3. Coming soon to my Fine Art America and CafePress shops, the best of my steam works on cosplay cards, tees, etc.

Thank you for your support and reading!



The latest “The Vampire’s Little Black Book” series volume 8, “Everyone Looks Better Undead” by Victoria L. Szulc is now available on amazon/kindle.

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Masks I Have Worn (Well a Hat really) Pt.2

Hello and welcome to part 2 of this blog. I got pretty excited about this last hat, but I can’t keep it.  It’s available for purchase in my Etsy store. I wanted to make a matching mask in time for Mardi Gras but it’s still in creation mode. I did take a few more photos, this time with different lighting and makeup. And I did want to show off the blue wig. It’s now a favorite in my collection; how did I end up with seven wigs? That sounds like a future blog.
Anyhow, please enjoy this last set of photos, all taken selfie style with my iPhone 4s. First I did a make-up/lighting/wig test:

Eye makeup detail.Lip detail, gold gloss.Low light makeup test.Semi-low light makeup test.

Wig test and a smile. Side view wig test and another smile.

I think this group came out fairly well considering I had a bunch of pimples and a bit of a head cold. So then I brought in the hat and added some emotion:

Best shot of whole hat. Thoughtfulness. Gratitude. Baudy laughter. A bit pensive. That is one tall topper!

I hope to have this series and others from previous shoots available for purchase soon. I’ve also got some really interesting pieces in the works: volumes 9 & 10 of “The Vampire’s Little Black Book” series, the aforementioned mask (an in process pic below), a serious blog on masks with yes, more pictures and a super awesome pictorial, and last but certainly not least, my first full steampunk novel, “Strax and the Widow” should go to press this summer.

The mask in process:

Gold Mask in process.

Thank you for your support and reading, Happy Mardi Gras!



The latest “The Vampire’s Little Black Book” series volume 8, “Everyone Looks Better Undead” by Victoria L. Szulc is now available on amazon/kindle.

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Happy New Years 2014 and More Random Thoughts

Happy New Year 2014 and More Random Thoughts


I wanted to blog in December but got caught up in last minute art and writing projects. V.7 of The Vampire’s Little Black Book Series, “Can You Hear My Heart Beating?” was late, but arrived in time for the holidays. I was thrilled to see that many readers took advantage of my FREE download period. V.8 “Everyone Looks Better Undead” is coming in a few days. Please watch my links (at the bottom of the blog) for updates on my latest releases or find my author page on amazon (Victoria L. Szulc).

Cover shot for "Can You Hear My Heart Beating?"

Cover shot for “Can You Hear My Heart Beating?”

I jotted down some thoughts over the last weeks, enjoy a small trip into my mind.

Jan 1st Random thoughts on this New Years:

-I make a mean bean dip. Yummy.

-I conceived one of the hottest vampires on the planet. 2000+ copies downloaded world-wide, thank you.

-Started the year with a breakup-and survived (2013).

-Mariah Carey was rockin’ some over the elbow gloves tonight.

-They say spend your New Years with someone you’d like to keep around. This year it’s Bobablou, my rabbit.

-My Clockwork Cat is the coolest 3D piece I’ve produced so far. And it fit right into my steam theme.

-Really liked a lot of music, Daft Punk “Get Lucky” was by far my fav song.

-If you’d have told me I’d be in the hospital for the first time my life (long stay, more than a day) with a huge tumor revomal, I’d told you, hey that’s a load of crap. Oh and Frankenavel is gone. New navel is lookin’ good.

New navel.

New navel 1/2014


-Goodbye Frankenavel 7/17/13

-St. James Winery, oh Velvet Red. So then, a toast to you my friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Jan 3rd before the blizzard

Random thoughts for today:


-Leave your pets out in the cold, they’ll be seized. If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pets.

-M-I-Z (they said they couldn’t play in the SEC) Z-O-U (currently kicking butt in the Cotton Bowl!)

-I can barely comprehend that it’ll be 20-30 degrees below wind chill factor by Monday night with 6-10″ of snow. Scott Breihan let me know that Mars is 29 below right now. We’ll be as cold as Mars. Now that’s freakin’ scary.

-I have determined that I will never spill the gooey inside of a Queen Anne’s Cordial ever again. It’s like sticky herpes on the bottom of your feet. You just can’t get rid of it.

-Be safe and stay warm all, happy weekend!

Random thoughts on the snow Jan 5th:

-heck yeah I slept in

-the Arch is somewhere in the picture below

The Arch is in there somewhere.

-on my 2nd cup of yummy tea

-the waves in the 2nd pic below are snow drifts; if I can see them from the 20th floor, they have to be a foot high

The drifts are about a foot high.

The drifts are about a foot high.

-it’s a great day to draw and write about vampires.

Stay safe all!

Ok one more set of random thoughts unless anything super interesting happens:

-it’s snowing 1-2″ an hour

-I forgot how good pizza rolls are

-my rabbit Bobalou looked out the window and gave me one of those WTF? looks

-Sean White looks good with his hair cut short.

-I heard some of my neighbors laughing on their balcony, for about 30 seconds

-Everytime someone has posted how many inches they’ve got, I chuckle “that’s what she said”

-There are now snow drifts on my neighbors balconies, about a half foot.

-Hidden Valley, the local ski resort is closed.

-And the school closings for tomorrow have started.

-last cup of caffeinated tea!

-One more thought, you know it’s bad when they’re canceling church services and hockey games.

Thank you as always for reading. I have a lot of big projects in the works. “Adventures abound and romance is to be had.”  Also new items in the Etsy store!

Yep, it's for sale.

Yep, it’s for sale.

Fire Feather Hat 1


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Gratitude and a Steam Trunk

Today, the day before Thanksgiving, I awoke a bit worried. Things have been a bit financially tight since my surgery last summer. I made some extra bucks at the Halloween/Party store with a ton of hours and I had my first sale on Etsy-a men’s antique peacoat. But I’ve got bills to pay and I’m working hard to get caught up.
I was tired from last night. I worked both day and part time jobs, then came home and published “Thirty-Three Forever” v.6 of The Vampire’s Little Black Book Series. It has been much delayed (sorry). But more on that in a bit.
I know that somehow I’m going to get to do what I want to do artistically. I will no longer have to hold down a day job. I keep my goals in a positive mind each day. As I headed out the door, I reminded myself to be grateful for the things I have and what I accomplished this year:
-I survived the ending of a long term relationship without bitterness.
-I participated in a major dog art show in Wichita, KS. I manned my booth, drove, and did all the show work myself. And I made a little money.
-I did two other shows for local pet charities and one major sculptural project, “The Clockwork Cat” that tied into my steam theme, helped raise money for the APA and was given good response.
-I had my first major emergency surgery, recovered and I’m back to working out (see my previous blogs). I’ve continued to lose weight after a sixteen pound tumor was removed from my gut. I am grateful to be alive.
-My Steampunk Project continues to grow. I have now finished six stories of the vampire series and am working through the remainders of the Steampunk trilogy.
-I’ve made some awesome hats and won a Steampunk costume contest (hat pic below).

But my weary attitude this morning changed on my way to the elevators. Someone had left a gorgeous old steamer trunk at the trash chute. My whole day was transformed. I took it as a sign that good things are coming. I’ve enclosed a simple pic below. It will soon be on my Etsy store TheHauteHen. Feel free to take a peek; I’ll be adding some hats, art and vintage pieces during the holiday season.

So I want to say thank you to all the fans of my Facebook page, The Countess, Official Fanpage of Victoria L. Szulc, to all those who’ve downloaded my “Vampire’s Little Black Book” series, and to everyone who has supported my art. It’s much appreciated.
In the spirit of Thanksgiving I’m offering all six of The Vampire’s Little Black Book series for FREE on Small Biz Saturday November 30th and Cyber Monday December 2nd. Please feel free to download and enjoy the books. They’re in short story form; great reads for in between shopping and crazy winter weather.
Thank you!
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Random Thoughts on Turning 45 and the Day of the Dead

“When you’re lost outside, look inside to your soul.”-The Voice Within, Christina Aguilera, Lyrics by Glenn Ballard

Day of the Dead Indeed

Day of the Dead Indeed

About a week ago as I prepped this blog, I pulled out Christina Aguilera’s “Stripped” CD. Yes, the CD, so I can listen in my car, which like the CD, is also over ten years old. I like the messages that run through the whole album: strength, independence, faith, and confidence.

This blog is a bit more self-indulgent and revealing because today (October 5th) is my birthday, but the next few will return to my journeys and experiences that will transfer to my works. And yes, Will the vampire will have a new episode in time for Halloween.

As I feel a bit reflective, and am recovering from a terrible bout of laryngitis, enjoy my random thoughts on turning and being forty-five.  Because I can’t express myself verbally, I’ve also enclosed some recent new work, Day of the Dead make up and hat creation.

Thanks for reading,


The Random Thoughts:

I like myself much more than I did in my 20’s. Yep, despite some fat, scars, and injuries, I’m a far better person now than I was then. I took the picture at the bottom of this entry a couple of months ago, sans makeup. Not too shabby eh?  How do I look with makeup? A LOT of makeup? See more on the recent Day of the Dead imagery at the end of this piece.

Yep, all natural.

Yep, all natural.

Please don’t tell me I “should” do anything. You will be met with an icy stare of some sort or I’ll tune you out. I have a marketing plan for my life and I’m not into chasing someone else’s dreams. God has a plan for me. Your plan is not mine.

Don’t tell me I “can’t” do anything. I’ll make it happen. It might be easy, it might be a struggle, it might take longer than expected, but I’ll do it.

I’m not afraid to say no. However, this is different from saying yes to good opportunities. As a child I was teased a bit about being “picky Vicki”. As an adult I’m not ashamed to say I know what like and don’t like.

I have no desire to have kids whatsoever. Children are awesome, really. I admire my siblings and friends and their skill in raising their families. I like being Aunt Vicki. However, I just don’t have the patience for the little ones. I’m OK with not using my uterus. I give birth to creativity instead. OK, I digress, unless George Clooney comes knocking….

I love my name; I thank God almost daily that my parents choose it. It’s the essence of romance, royalty, and everything at Victoria’s Secret has my name on it.

I like younger men; I always have. Not in the “call me momma” way, though (see note above about the lack of desire for children), over 30-ish preferred. But I won’t cut out dating the age spectrum; the last one was twelve years older. Married men need not apply. I don’t cheat, PERIOD. Karma’s one mean bitch; I don’t tempt fate. But speaking of men…

I’m grateful that my last relationship (the longest I’ve had) didn’t end with bitterness. Sadness, yes. Anger, no. My ex is still my friend that I run into occasionally, but the love for him is gone. I think I’m ready for the next love to come along-that is if he can keep up with me.

I am grateful to be alive. I’ve had some health issues and two brushes with death (almost poisoned by carbon monoxide and my recent emergency surgery) but I get to walk this earth today. I try to remind myself to take better care of me and our planet so I can continue to roam.

I don’t get embroiled in politics. I develop solutions. If you don’t vote, participate or volunteer, please stop griping and do something about “it”.

I toot my own horn, because if I don’t promote or believe in myself, no one else will. It’s called marketing with confidence.

Opinions are like assholes; everybody has one. If I ask you yours, it’s because I trust you and need your perspective.

My writing and artwork is honest. If it isn’t, I’m not doing my job and the work will suck.

I would rather be punched in the face than have to deal with cockroaches. I hate those bastards.

I will miss my mom until the day I die.

I laugh a lot and crack really bad jokes. Get used to it.

There is no life without risk.

I am a romantic fool.

I like it when people underestimate me. There is nothing like blowing away those that try to hold you down.

This year is going to be one of my best ever. Watch and enjoy.


I am doing more millinery work. I usually start with a sturdy base hat and then get creative. I have hats ready for purchase and the first one out of the chute is a ladies Day of Dead topper. Of course, once I started photography I couldn’t resist doing a cosplay and makeup. Enjoy the pictures of the process and finished product.

Started with Makeup

Started with Makeup


 Added a wig.

Added a wig.

And some roses.

And some roses.

And the hat.

And the hat.

And then some style. Day of the Dead Indeed

And then some style. Day of the Dead Indeed

The Day of the Dead hat is available for purchase, $50 plus MO tax and shipping. If interested please email me at by October 7th .  After that, it goes into my etsy shop, TheHauteHen; more goodies available there shortly.

Hat Details:

Hat measures about 22” circumference on the inside.

Longest section of veil is 38”, the shorter is about 36”, both long enough to drape over the top and front, or around your neck.

Ostrich plume is about 12”.

Décor includes black and white roses, white mini fan, black plume, veil, and silver/black skull. All attached with either glue (white and Krazy), Duck tape and/or sewn in. Veil is attached with a square knot in the back. I do not recommend removing it to clean; spot clean instead.

Hat is signed on the inside.

DOD Sale 2 DOD Sale 1

33 or 28 Forever

As I prepared to release the latest installment of The Vampire’s Little Black Book on Amazon, I was shocked by the sudden death of one of my coworkers from my “day” job (thus my delays, sorry). Dominique Hardin was our receptionist. After a while, she was recruited to be my part time assistant. I taught her the basics of TV commercial order entry and she picked up on it really well. She was kind of still in that club kid phase, but I didn’t judge her and for that, I am eternally grateful. I really miss her, especially after a hard week at work.

I got to know Dominique better after training her. She was a model and actress. She’d done runway shows, photo shoots and a short independent film.  She’d dated a nationally famous rapper and a St. Louis Rams player. She’d earned the nickname “Stage”.  She had contacts in Atlanta and had hoped to move there by August 1st. A relative of mine works for a large national company with a branch there. I tried to get her a temporary “day” job until her contacts could come up with acting work for her. But some things fell through and she was stuck here in St. Louis for a while longer. Her deadline to leave town passed. I wish to God I’d been able to help her get to Atlanta.

On August 18th, around 4:30am, in East St. Louis, near “the dead man’s curve”,  Dominique, her cousin and a friend was headed to a strip club to celebrate a birthday. A minivan crossed the center line and collided head on with Dominique’s car. When they were hit, she was thrown into the backseat. She and the driver that hit them, were killed on the scene.

Much later that Sunday night I received the horrible news from my manager. I think I repeated “what?” about ten times. I cried for about an hour after I hung up the phone. She would be forever twenty-eight.

If you could pick your “forever” age, what would it be? Will doesn’t get to choose thirty-three. However, I think it’s a good age to be. You’ve made it through your twenties alive with a little wisdom and probably most of your health. And you’re not too old to have fun. I decided to create Will at this age for two reasons.

I liked my own thirty-three for the most part. I had my first house. I created a stunning piece of art in the garage. I continued building my art business. I discovered some really good music, especially Chris Botti. The atmosphere of his music helps me write. I had a fantastic garden. And I made a somewhat hilarious effort to meet Mr. Right after a local paper made my single’s ad the featured single of the week. I was the “curvaceous cutie”.  But that’s another story.

The second reason? I’m a bit superstitious. Three is a lucky number for me. It’s the holy trinity. And thirty-three is luck twice over. I also bet on it when I play roulette. But back to Will.

This is definitely one of the more melancholy stories of Will’s journey. He has the chance to give someone eternity on earth, but will she take it? Would you?

I am stunned at how oddly the completion of this volume coincided with Dominique’s passing. My own emergency surgery just a few weeks prior, made me more conscious of my mortality.

I need to continue to create and live life to the fullest; to share my art, to pursue my dreams. To de-clutter and move from the past, let my old stuff be someone else’s new. I continue to purge and sell off stuff I’m just not using or don’t need. I recycled or threw out old love letters from the last boyfriend. I recently went through my art closet and am selling almost everything through etsy, flea markets, my website or at a couple local shops and galleries, keeping only the most personal pieces. Art is meant to be shared.

I will be forty-five on October 5th this year. I don’t feel my age except for the remnants of some old injuries. Honestly, I never want to grow up. Emotionally, I want to always have the happiness of a little kid inside me. I like myself more than I have in a long time. And thank God for good genes and artistic make-up skills, I don’t look my age either. I’ll expand on this in my next blog. But meanwhile, I remind myself that time is short. I don’t feel the need to be frozen in time, but I am doing my best to sanely live in the now.

My character Will is thirty-three forever due to supernatural forces. Dominique will be twenty-eight forever in my heart due to a terrible accident. God bless you “Stage”; you’re now a star in the heavens.

“33 Forever” the latest installment of The Vampire’s Little Black Book series will be available on Amazon/Kindle by mid-October. Patrick Renfrow has been cast as the face of “Will”.  I think you’ll want to get to know him too. A free download period for the whole series and online store will come around Halloween. Be sure to follow me on Facebook at The Countess, the Official Fanpage of Victoria L. Szulc or Twitter @TheCountessSP for more details. And please follow this blog. I only post about once of month so you won’t get over notified.

Please take care and be safe.