Fun at Big River Steampunk Festival! 

I’ve been writing a lot lately. My writing muse has pretty much taken over, which means the sequel to “Strax and the Widow”, “Revenge and Machinery” is coming along.

But I’m behind on blogging. Thus finally the highlights from the Labor Day weekend Big River Steampunk Festival in Hannibal, MO. 

First, it was incredibly hot. So hot I confess I spent a huge amount of time in one of the local bars and antiquing. 

But we started off watching some of the performers on the main stage and catching up in time travel with writer Barbara MacRobie from the Missouri Arts Council.


Then onto watching Doc Phineas hosting tea dueling:


Got a few photos with the Doc:


Doc was certainly one of the most pleasant people I’ve ever met.

Can Can Kate and I got a bit overheated so we headed to Rumor Has It for libations and chow. Some of the best mozerella sticks ever! 

It was still quite hot, so on we went to antiquing at Main Street at Main Street 101 and Savannah’s for great antique pieces!

I hate to complain about the heat, but it was just too yucky. We did miss some of the contests, including the beard and costume competitions, but I know both of Saturday’s winners. They are fine people! Saw the Airship Vindus crew and Marcibel Automation from afar, but again, our time was limited to just Saturday afternoon.

We wrapped up with some lovely ice cream, a last look at the shops, a nice meet with a rat catcher, and quick hello to Unwoman on the way to her gig.

Couldn’t resist an impromptu shoot with Can Can:

 I plan on going back next year and hope for cooler weather and more time to explore!

As always, thank you for reading.

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Fall 2014

I wanted to do this blog much sooner but I crammed so much into this Fall, that I am just now catching up to other things-just in time for Christmas.

The weather here was pretty much the usual. Beautiful foliage, nice days, cool evenings.

The costume/party store was insane. But the best part of Halloween and work is dressing up. Which I did frequently:





I also went to auburn from blond and loved the results:




My beloved Cardinals lost another player to driving while intoxicated. My heart broke.





But Halloween in the Central West End was the usual dose of awesome! I did Katniss to keep it simple.


And the crowd did not disappoint:





I did two shows in November, both great crowds at The London Tea Room and The Heavy Anchor. It snowed 3″ on the day at the Tea Room which made it so festive.




Unwoman came to town, she was spectacular.



I saw MockingJay on opening night. Awesome.

Ferguson erupted and the city I love went into turmoil.

Met someone who broke my heart a little. And now someone I’d like to know more.

This Fall flew by. I can’t believe Christmas is in two weeks. Good stuff is definitely coming. The Etsy store is loaded. The sequels to Strax and the Widow are well on their way. Will and Anna’s vamp adventures will continue. This coming winter may be cold, but my heart is warm.

As always, thank you for reading!


An Evening with Unwoman

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to see Unwoman live through a DJ friend Shawn Gaston. It started as a house party but grew large enough to be moved to Ami Amore’s belly dance studio here in St. Louis.

Unwoman is Erica Mulkey, an incredibly talented musician and singer from San Francisco. She uses a modern electric cello, beats, and looping pedals to create ethereal, haunting and eclectic pieces with antique, gothic and steampunk elements. She often plays small clubs and various cons around the country.

Unwoman played for about two hours with a fun, brief intermission where she happily poured drinks and entertained guests.

Her set list consisted mostly of songs from her latest release, “Circling” (including my favorite “Hunger”) with a couple covers and a “crash-up” which I won’t reveal in case you should choose to see her live. And you should if given the opportunity. She is talented, witty and an engaging performer.







I am hoping to work with Unwoman for my upcoming book trailers. In the meantime, you can find her music at Please take a listen, you won’t be disappointed.