Death and Random Things

Hello Lovelies:

Today, 10/17 would’ve been my older sister’s 52nd Birthday. It was also the Birthday of one of my great Aunties that passed long ago and currently one of my cousins. 

I also have extended family that is gravely ill.

Each of them had/has struggled mightily with life. My sister’s passing, though, having just left this earth last March, still affects me. I’m generally eating healthier, getting more sleep. I changed jobs to something less stressful. I’m at the very least, fitting in some sporadic workouts with planned training coming after Halloween. There’s no way my dad’s burying another kid this year. Even my TV died a little over a week ago.
Death just has that way of making you live a little harder, appreciate what you have a little more, to make changes, and not wait to do anything. 

I sometimes think of Will, my vampire, and how he adjusts to so much death over 600+ years. I’m sure you’ll see some of those thoughts in upcoming stories.

Next year, I’ll be at the half century mark of my life. So I’ve been wrapping up projects and unfinished business so I can travel a little, work on new projects, books etc. I have so many characters and storylines in my head. I’ll be on a stricter training regimen. This winter will be one of preparation for a big 2018. Mark your calendars for June and October of next year…

And since my birthday earlier this month, some of the most random things have happened:

– I saw the new Kingsmen and loved it. 

– I did an interview and show for Talk of the Tavern.

– We are having some of the most incredible weather imaginable here with stunning sunsets:

-made some rustic yummy banana bread 

-Found this random shirtless pic of Mark Twain in my Victorian research reading:

Found this lamp in a dumpster, it’s going in my bedroom after some cleanup:

Had tea at The London Tea Room twice and sold this hat:

Almost sold this mask (yes it’s still in my Etsy store:

Sold this one:

Finished editing the high end deluxe version of The First Ten Bites, here’s the cover:

Almost sold these hoops:

Found some cool paint:

And to top off this randomness, got to see a screening of Goodbye Christopher Robin (go see it, it was good, made me cry). Which brings me back to death.

The characters in “Goodbye” are scarred by death and war. I could feel their pain, and admired their pluck and survival of their pasts. I realized I’m on the right path. Where ever you go, there you are.

And as always, thank you for reading,


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